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Semiannual Passes


Semiannual Pass


August 10th - 12th; 3-day event
A.H.Stevens State Park, Lakeside group camp, GA


September 21th - 23rd; 3-day event
A.H.Stevens State Park, Lakeside group camp, GA


What does it cost to play?
Normal Event fee (3-day) $40 if you Preregister*; $45 at the door
Half Event fee (after 6am Saturday) $35
First Time Player fee (3-day event) $35 if you Preregister*; $40 at the door
1-day Event/Module $25
Overnight 1-day Event/Module $30
12th consecutive 3-day Event fee $30
Full 3-day Volunteer; floor space Free, cannot earn more than 1xp
Full 3-day Volunteer, with bed** $15, can earn up to 3xp

Year passes and event registration is not refundable.

* = Preregistration ends on midnight the Wednesday of the week of the event.
Preregistrations via Paypal© incure a 4% Paypal fee.

**NOTE: Beds will go to playing players first.

Donations are always welcome:

Only use the donation button for donations; use for payment of an event will be denied.

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