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Favorite Moments / Re: August 2017
« Last post by Dustin on August 16, 2017, 02:19:58 PM »
The Tengu Mod and the zen garden.

The Greenhouse Mod- everyones realization and wtf reactions as the mod went on and Christina's face when she found the manifesto and the realiztion if what they were on hit. Sooo good. Also Turning Ethan into a tree and bringing hin back.

The entire RP that came from Nigel and Cain.

One handed table flip.

More to come as I remember them!
Favorite Moments / Re: August 2017
« Last post by Wyvren FoxCrest on August 15, 2017, 08:18:32 AM »
Going to a library in the black hills, and getting to do what Wyvren does best

Being hunted by NPCs and being saved by Henry talking humanity I to them..well more like yelling it

Quizler mod, getting ready to plus 4 strength straight break out of my locked restraints only to see Konrad MVP the shit out of the mod, @Brad this is why I always want you around

Emily playing a good number of really interesting npcs

Interacting with Johns (merlin) And getting to know him better

Building a strong connection with Liz

Death island finally, "why are we doing this again??" Megan "thanks Wyvren..."

Yoki mod in the terokata (sp?) Forest, super intense, fucking tengu epic costuming by dustin and Devan as usual!!

Players finding out Wyvrens secret and the mixed in play responses, this is why I make bad choices, cause it's role play ;)

And watching town interact with each other, keep up the good work players!!
Favorite Moments / Re: August 2017
« Last post by Teisel on August 15, 2017, 12:20:19 AM »
Teisel had a rough weekend.  Corey had a great event.

"I spent lots of time in Kinsley"

Also noping right out of a black hills library. Because Teisel knows better.

Waking up early Saturday and walking around the empty town fixing things. And my epiphany about Teisel.

Goods times helping with breakfast.

Meeting family for the first time. Nice lady, we had a party planned.

My first Xadune nap. Likely my last Xadune nap.

Waking up to find out that after I went to nap people went ham.  Trying to fix that. Not fixing that.

Happening to follow Konrad and Ore while they checked on something by the docks. Finding out that nice lady died, and being glad I was there to find out. Making a promise.

Joining the ward 5 sheriff's department, like a dummy.

Finding out that there is a niche group of people that get calls when ghosts happen, and Teisel is one of them.

Finding more family. Making a promise, again.

Finding yet more family. Making yet another promise. And making sure they were safe.

A few other really interesting things that I can't talk about, however I am learning new important things about Xadune.
Favorite Moments / Re: August 2017
« Last post by Alara on August 14, 2017, 07:22:30 PM »
Oh goodness

Noping out of the Black Hills and everyone's surprise. Alara isn't stupid, she knows her power level.

Getting to introduce some awesome NPCs. It was really interesting to see people's reactions to Morgana. You can tell town wants so desperately to do the right thing and be "good", regardless of how they express it.

Fixing the seam on @Dahgmar 's shirt as Emily the Tailor. Goodness gracious that seam has been bugging me for forever. Tag-Teaming armour repairs with @Dustin was also great!

Winning Xadune trivia and, more importantly, watch @Brad  MVP that mod. Way to save some asses, Konrad.

Hanging with the Crew, celebrating the Captain's birthday.

DEATH ISLAND. I've literally been hearing about this for 2 years now, it was awesome to be a part of the finale.

4:30 am fog mod with Konrad. I... i have no clue what's ecen happening. But I got to stealth mod in a nightgown and a bandana, what more could I ask for.
Favorite Moments / August 2017
« Last post by Phin (Honor) on August 14, 2017, 07:04:45 PM »

Honestly it was really fun getting back into the swing of things at good old ward 5 and just catching up with peeps and talking about all the strange going ons in the wards.

Wondering into a library, which we all felt was 100 percent some kind of weird trap and at once knowing it was the black hills the noping the hell out of there was pretty amusing.

A lot of watching really intense emotional roleplay between other players this event, which is what Phin typically does, but this event it was on an entirely new level. First watching Domino and 11 and then the entire screaming match between the guild she is apart of and Henry, it was conflicting.

Finally getting to see Anya wasn't the monster many thought she was and so glad they were able to save her. She doesn't understand enough of her culture to be certain but has friends she hopes can help. Being a tiny doll was oddly scary until I realized the roaches were corgi sized, was about to bring one back with me. Having all of the pcs walk in a tight little group as though we were all the dolls in her arms was pretty amusing too.

Seeing Duncan fumble Durnwind and how determined he had been, it was really needed after this issues he was having with Art.

Ore and Phin moment,
Ore: Phin you need to leave
Phin: why what's going on?
Ore: Art is here and he will hurt you because I care about you
Went something along those lines. Gotta love orphin ;)

Watching J npc stalking peeps was pretty amusing during the end of my monster shift.

Playing Alexa, I was hella nervous but excited to introduce what I am hoping will be a very fun story line for players and seeing what looked like excited peeps.

And as always just the lovely interactions with my fellow peeps and seeing how characters are growing, it's always fun to watch.
New Players / Issues registering for an account?
« Last post by Xadune on July 22, 2012, 04:49:38 PM »
Are you being told your IP address has been linked with spamming and you are forbidden from making account? That’s because at some point in the past your IP has been used for spamming purposes. If you really do wish to make an account and you are a real human being please email us at Xadune <at> with your email address and desired user name and we will set you up with an account ASAP. Thank you for your support and understanding in these matters.

~Xadune Staff
New Players / Re: Is Xadune for me?
« Last post by Xadune on June 19, 2009, 04:04:28 PM »
Interested? Looking for more? Register for the forum and gain access to the boards, talk to other members, and read the Rulebook.
New Players / Re: Is Xadune for me?
« Last post by Xadune on April 22, 2009, 02:19:15 AM »
We have recently received some questions via email. Finding them as good rounded questions we decided to post them up with the answers for everyone else to see:

Where exactly in Georgia is this going to be, and is it a 1 day thing or over the weekend? If a weekend thing are there accommodations? Most of our events will be hosted at Hard Labor Creek State Park, which is about a one hour drive south from Atlanta off of Interstate 20. On occasions we will also hold events at Indian Springs, FDR, and A.H. Stephen’s State Park. We aim for all events to be full weekend events, or 3-days, starting Friday evening and ending mid day on Sunday; though we do also hold a few one day events now and then. All 3-day events will offer both accommodations and bath houses; however it should be said that not all one day events will have these anonymities. One day events will more than likely not be held at Hard Labor Creek. Those event locations will be handled on a case by case basis.

Are we expected to provide our own weapons? Yes. There are a fairly large amount of options in buying latex and hybrid weapons, and finding a custom boffer maker should not be too difficult. You also have the option of making your own weapon if you feel up to the task. Just make sure you follow the set safety standards for making a boffer.

What are the rules about outfits and stuff, are there any? This is a very good question, particularly in regards to steampunk players. In short, the only rule for costuming is to make sure they are safe. Strapping a ton of really sharp spikes to your body would not be safe, unless they were formed from foam. In the case of steampunk character it goes without saying that most people have very complex costuming and more often than not it is fragile. Be it known that this is a full combat LARP. If you think your costuming will get damaged in a boffer combat and that bothers you well, you have been warned. But, in that line of thought, most steampunk inventions are not exactly the most stable things. Getting wacked a lot by a sword is liable to break it regardless. In short, just keep this in mind as you develop and make your character. It’s not saying you cannot wear the amazing steampunk costume that you normally would, it just means that maybe you’re not a frontline warrior and might have a few buddies covering you flanks most the time.
New Players / Re: Is Xadune for me?
« Last post by Xadune on February 06, 2009, 11:54:45 PM »
As time has rolled on a few have asked some damn good questions about the game, game mechanics, and general character building. So, with that here is a teaser on what’s to come and some answers for you.

Xadune? How do you pronounce it? Xadune: 'eks-ā-dün. You actually say the “x”.

Can I play my character from another game? Damn good question, and the answer is yes. But, do not expect to have anything special or high level about your character from whatever other game you come from. Let’s say you walk your character from another world through a portal and into Xadune; your PC will suffer from what natives call Walkers Sickness. Meaning that you will in all essence be level 1 and all your cool wigidty stuff will become mundane. You will remember you are a badass back home, you can even remember how you were a badass, but you just can’t seem to recall how to redo it. Think of it as a form of amnesia.

Is it true that almost any PC can use any weapon? Yes. All weapons are required to be tagged with their base damage, so if for some reason you find yourself without a weapon and pick up on randomly you just half to look at the tag and know what to call. The only exception to this is with firearms, which go by the “you can pull the trigger, but if nothing happens”  rule. Meaning if the gun is not cocked or a round chambered you cannot use it.

I heard there is no 30 minute memory loss rule with your death system (a standard in most LARPs). You heard correctly. Your PC will remember everything that happened right up to death. Though there are exceptions to this if extraordinary circumstances surround your death. If you saw and heard it before you died, you will remember it. Course, you still would not know who killed you if a stay or random spell hit you or if you were killer was behind you.

Latex of boffer? Both. Though most if not all latex weapons are made to the same specifications, boffer weapons need to have at least 5/8" thick foam covering their striking surface. More details about weapon construction will be given in the rulebook.

Steampunk and fantasy? What do you mean by this? Imagine a world with magic, mystery, and the stuff of legends but on the verge of their steam revolution. Basically think of your favorite fantasy setting, then fast forward time to the beginning of the industrial revolution. Science is starting to make an appearance but there are still a few cultures that are rich in magic and mystery. I will spill the beans a little here as well and say that Clark’s 3rd Law also has a place in Xadune.
New Players / Is Xadune for me?
« Last post by Xadune on November 12, 2008, 12:19:20 AM »
Over time I've been overwhelmed with the question, "Is Xadune for me?" Well, actually no one has asked me that, mainly people just seem to be in awe of a diffrent type of LARP being around, or lost in the whole steampunk/fantasy setting idea. Regardless, we are going to try to address that question here:

What age range is Xadune geared towards? Adult. You have to check that box saying you were over 13 to gain access to the forums for a reason: if Xadune was a movie we would be aiming for the R rating in this game. (R Rating = Under 17 requires accompanying parent or adult guardian. May contain very strong or sexual language, strong explicit nudity, strong violence and gore, or strong drug content.) Now, we will be working of just a permission slip for those age 13-16, but you have been warned.

So does that mean that there will be naked people running around? No. It means that the situations, language, and mindset for the game is best if you are older and more mature. If harsh language, gore, or mature topics bother you then you should take that into account before coming to the game.

What kind of LARP is Xadune? Is it hacky slashy maim-a-thon, or romp through a Charles Dicken's RP (Role-Play),  classic? I will have to go with both. Xadune is geared towards high combat situations including large field battles, plentifully in-town encounters, and of course combat while off on a module/adventure. But, that doesn't mean all it will be is combat. A rich history and wealth of NPCs (Non-Player Characters) will be interacting with the town at all times, giving you (the Player Character or PC) more then enough opportunities to role-play your heart out.

So are we talking about Mr.Rogers RP or is this going to be more like a survival horror RP where you say it will be RP but really it's figure out this mystery and make it through the day alive?
Once again, both. Expect to have to wheel and deal for your life, but it will not always be like that. Many times encounters and RP will be just that: mild talks and good conversations. But, be prepared for you to have to talk your way out of a life or death situation, to figure out a puzzle to make it through something, or be able to sneak your way out of something.

How do you feel about PvP (Player vs Player)? We are fine with it and not going to stop it from happening. But, many games suffer from the problem that they are a mixture of people that like PvP and players that hate it yet never address it. We will never tell you not to have PvP, but be warned that just because we will not tell you not to do it, does not mean a PC can not pay or RP a NPC to see that a certain situation does not happen. If you follow me... (i.e.: Do not be surprised if a PC you have been killing hires or convinces a bad ass NPC to give you a visit; because that opportunity for the hiring PC will be their if they look hard enough I'm sure.)

Will this game make me feel special, important, and like a key person? Yes and no. They game will cater to each person, but we will not linger on one person or group. Everyone will have the opportunity to advance evenly. Obviously the older players will have the edge over the newer ones, but veterans will not always hold the spot light. We promise that if you have a character history, it will come into effect. But if you think staff is here to dance around you and hold you when things do not go your way then you are in the wrong game. We are here to entertain the entire game, not a sole individual or group.
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