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Favorite Moments / Re: September 2017
« Last post by Teisel on September 25, 2017, 11:10:41 PM »
Friday Night

Not getting hit after I put down weapons.

Staying in the Temple of Gallo.


Wyvern "warning" Teisel about mothers.

Getting to talk with one of towns new healers/alchemists. And Knowing I can help him in the future.

Having a Family meal, we really should move those to sunrise.

Teisel's first interrogation.

Hitting that point when you are trying to finish doing three things, and someone says " Hey Teisel this skull is moving on it's own"

Visiting three lovely temples, or was it four?

Being midsentence with a priest "Just checking into see if I could help with anythithatsonofabitch"

Changing a life. (though the little prick went to the temple of Ashton)

Going to bed, because I was so tired.

Favorite Moments / Re: September 2017
« Last post by Wyvren FoxCrest on September 25, 2017, 10:01:37 PM »
Playing game of thrones in the black hills again, I think Honesty gonna pull me aside soon and try to figure out what the hell I'm doing in his realm (sp?)

The floor was lava, clay became a lava navigator and I became Indiana Jones

Fighting a fire Devil 1 on 1, I lost but I think I surprised John with how much of a fight I was

Twighlight spiders !!!

Running a mod again, I love running mods

Not sleeping till Saturday night and only for 1 hour

Being one of the hardest hitters in town for an event

Permanent wounds club

Phinn and Ela giving Wyvren the eat shit look all weekend, but still working with me, reluctantly

Corrupting several town's men

Ore being a mega bad ass and leading town

Ela getting Fatal blow again HA!

Seeing Dustin and Devan even if only for a minute <3


Being hunted

Playing xadune on hard mode

Keeping fabian informed all weekend with text

Talking with Hendricks. He's an amazing guy

Sacha' s mother coming out and out 3 lines of dialogue

silas  (sp?) Being epic

Tripp being the best Doctor on the planet

Jax making the moral choices and questioning motives <3

Getting told by a Feind that Wyvren plays a dangerous game

Favorite Moments / Re: September 2017
« Last post by Jessica on September 25, 2017, 11:47:25 AM »
Forgot I made Steven lick his sword
Favorite Moments / Re: September 2017
« Last post by Dr. Marius Saylor on September 25, 2017, 11:00:40 AM »
Talking to Bobette the skull for an hour.

Running more rocket man tests with a single player and a staff npc. Lots of fun.

Coming back as Rhinehart and managing to time a mod with another mod, without any radios. It worked really well actually.

Having my suspicions about Parasol finally FINALLY be found to be at least somewhat true. Also, reading Pemberton's name as a test subject and feeling my stomach drop. Having to be talked down from killing a PC and returning alone to the lab for even the possibility of finding her.
Favorite Moments / Re: September 2017
« Last post by Jessica on September 25, 2017, 10:21:48 AM »
"You called?"

Tucking in PCs before bed.

Watching Fox and Clay beat their daunting task of escaping lava and killing me with giggles.

Being mistaken for a gatherer

Investigation mods

Convincing a child to make something of himself safely.

"I'm going to get the child drunk and take them to the sheriff's dept"

Vireen and Nelot mourning celebration party. And realizing sunrise may be better than sunset.

Thank you all for a wonderfully entertaining weekend. You never cease to amaze me.
Favorite Moments / Re: September 2017
« Last post by Dustin on September 25, 2017, 10:01:12 AM »
The Mod Devan and I ran Friday night! Hate we couldn't make the whole event, but that mod was wonderful and the players on it fantastic. We hope questions were answered and more questions were asked. It was a wonderful part in the plotline and we can officially say this is just the beginning. Aren thanks for being wonderful and keeping all the OOP knowledge out of Pavel. Steven, screw you and your vest! :P Erin, for being clutch and saving a TPK. Tad and Jessie for great RPs and adding ti the perfect Engineering team, and finally Tyler for being awesome through all the things learned qnd helping us marshal when we had to leave. I wish we could have stayed and seen everyone but family stuff had to pull us away. Love and miss you all!

Thank you so much Gary, Nigel, and Andrew for Monstering! Thanks especially to Andrew who FotP a mod so he can NPC for us. You didn't have to, but I feel the mod wouldnt have been the same with out you, so thank you!
Favorite Moments / Re: September 2017
« Last post by Walt on September 25, 2017, 09:50:26 AM »
Monster Shift working a Dustin and Devan mod.  Not only was just playing zombies & random dead bodies a blast, I also got a peek at some of the behind the scenes prep.

Getting the ritual book mod.  It's rare my no combat skills character feels effective in a fight, so that was a treat to feel like I was contributing beyond my healing.

While IC it was confusing as hell and Walt didn't want to participate, it was interesting as hell seeing stuff from another setting leak into Xadune.

Sitting outside tavern, watching Marius and Mara try to figure out how to talk to a twilight 'thing' through the skull it was using.  Adding my two cents and actually getting a few things right.  One of the most amusing pure RP moments I have seen/been a part of yet.

Dr Goop (Probably spelled it wrong).  Such an unusual way of healing that curiosity got the better of Walt and he ate a snotball (despite the paranoia).  Probably the most unique NPC I met this event.

Finally finding a trainer for a skill I have wanted both IC & OOC since day one, that I can afford.

Even though it reminded Walt why he is not a fan of airships, that mod was unique.  And while I cannot speak for the rest who were on that mod I don't hate you for that one John.

And while it is a small thing, playing Rummy in tavern before dinner.  Just a simple and small moment of peace among the chaos.
Favorite Moments / Re: September 2017
« Last post by Ore on September 25, 2017, 09:16:21 AM »
 Being a badass and surviving getting a shipping container dropped on me, which enabled us to squish a nigh-unbeatable twilight monster.

The field battle from Friday night where I got to body tank and chew our way through a bunch of asexually reproducing dog sized twilight ants until we got to smash them like bugs.

Discovering that Ela's biggest heal is exactly enough to pop me back up to full without any wasted body.

Being an asshole Rooster.

Getting to throw my Law Enforcement power around for good and help other players get some much-deserved justice.

Not sure whether to be insulted or flattered when Parz made a mask of my face.

The masks in general added a great element to the event, IMO.
Favorite Moments / Re: September 2017
« Last post by Lifemaster Ela Silverlight on September 25, 2017, 08:16:36 AM »
All of Friday night- from having to grudgingly help in the Black Hills to killing wave after wave of Twilight dogs. Watching the strategy of everyone involved and actually becoming more of an offense character than just a healer.
Watching Ore just tank dog after dog by herself so the crane could line up perfectly. Throwing heals from the middle of the stairs. Realizing Ore is one of the few people that can take my biggest heal and pushing someone out of the way to get to her when she dropped (sorry!)

Getting to know characters better in small ways.

Going through strategies to cure Marius, it ending with him strung upside down in the Temple of Ashton. Everyone's reaction to Ela just hoisting him down after the failed attempt.

Playing a scientist obsessed with getting the research she needed, to the point she'd rather die than let the research go. Jax's reaction when she realized what was going on.

Almost being trapped in the tavern by twilight spiders and having Silas tell me to be careful of the one on the porch, only for me to destroy it instantly.

People finally starting to realize Ela doesn't really need much protection.
Then fighting the big Spider and being Fatal blown.

Twilight guardian conversations and a huge choice everytime.

Being resurrected and finding a townsfolk follower waiting on me. Then being joined by Trip, Jax, and Konrad. Not exactly the group I expected but it was definitely appreciated.

Having to walk back into tavern sheepishly, afraid I had disappointed people.
Favorite Moments / September 2017
« Last post by Emily (Plot 2018) on September 24, 2017, 04:38:03 PM »
Omg where to start

"I swear to God, Steven, if you snowball into my mouth I will kick you in the nuts." @Steven (Plot 2018)

Ass Golem discussions

Dropping a giant crate on @Ore. Big damn hero.

Captain Franklin and the Land Pirates. Not sky, not sea, but land pirates.

Hearing @Brad and @Lindsey bustling about the cabin Saturday night while I was sleeping, realizing that Lindsey was getting dressed as her Doodlybopper. Mumbling sleepily, 'What happened?', only to wake up at 'Ela died!
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