Character Creation

Character creation, both the most exciting and most daunting part of a new game.

All new characters start at 15XP.  You can increase your starting XP by Monstering before your first event as a character or donating to the game.

New players have the option of making a one-time donation of $10 for 5 additional starting XP.  After this, $10 donations grant 1 XP and donation XP is capped at 3 XP per event.


Choose a race for your character .  You can read more about races over at the Race section.  Some races have makeup requirements, ranging from prosthetics to  body paint, so keep that in mind when selecting a race.

On Xadune, Humans are the master race, closely followed by Orcs.  A Human or Orc is rarely out of place or looked down upon, which can be very useful in certain political climates.


You can check out the various countries of the planet Xadune to select a homeland for your character.  The country your character is from will effect how others treat you in the world, your character’s experience with other races, and their general outlook on things like magic or technology.  The character’s homeland will not effect their character card unless a Culture Packet is taken.

Preferred Power

Signs of the Gods can be seen everywhere on Xadune, and sometimes the Gods themselves can be seen out and about.  While the people of Xadune are polytheistic, most have a Power or a group of Powers they prefer.  Read more about the Religion of Xadune over on the Religion page.

Zodiac and Birthday

The world of Xadune is a magical place, and the Stars play their part in this.  Choosing your character’s birth date and Zodiac can have an effect on your character, and also helps you get to know them a bit better.  Age is not incredibly important, but it can effect how other characters see your character. When choosing a birth date for your character, be mindful of how your chosen race ages; Elves will be much, much older than Humans, for instance.


Now that you’ve set up the basics of your character, its time to write a backstory.  This can be as simple as a few sentences or as long as a book–this is up to you.  Some questions you might want to answer are:
“What are my character’s immediate family like?”
“How did my character’s homeland effect them?”
“Was my character in the military, a church, or other organization?”
“What drives my character to learn new things?”

Your Backstory should be submitted on your profile on the forums.


Skills are the first thing many people think of when stepping into character creation, but it is often driven by what kind of character you want to build.

Xadune has over 500 skills to choose from over the course of your character’s lifespan.  However, many of these have XP costs above the starting XP allotment or debarments of minimum XP.  We have compiled a list of Starting Skills, all of which are available for new characters.

Additionally, we have a selection of ‘Suggest Starting Builds’ in order to get you going on a new character.  These are only suggestions and can be tweaked to your liking.



Once you have your character made, submit the above information to the @Cards account on the forums.  Please allow 7-10 days for your submission to be approved and your card made.