Combat Safety

Combat can be one of the most dangerous parts of a LARP. Xadune is no exception. Because of this please make sure you are fully aware of all the combat rules, be mindful of your surroundings while in combat, and lastly, use common sense.

While in combat it can become difficult to hold your composure. Despite this, you are still required to follow the rules of combat and keep it as safe as possible. With that said, each of your swings can not exceed a pull back of more than 90 degrees, yet must still be pulled back at least 45 degrees from the intended target. It should also be noted at this time that only contact should be made with the opponent, you are not trying to bludgeon them to death in real life. If a player is hitting too hard it is asked that they  be told that they are and that the harsh swings be toned down. Too many reports of heavy swings will get you a meeting with Staff and you will be dealt with accordingly.

Charging is also a combat taboo. Charging is defined as a rushing assault upon an opponent in which you are incapable of not running into them. You must be able to stop within a weapon’s length of your opponent or it will be considered charging. Charging is not pressing an attack; it is only in the case of an uncontrolled rushing attack. Being caught charging or receiving too many complaints will result in being pulled from combat and getting a meeting with Staff where you will be dealt with accordingly. Regardless though, hits should still be counted against both parties.

Targets you should highly refrain from hitting also exist in the Xadune combat system. These are areas on the human body where you should never be aiming your attack. Accidental hits in these locations while in a melee combat might happen, but these should never be intentional targets. These areas include: the head, groin, and hands of a player. The upper chest area on females is highly frowned upon as a combat target. Please do not aim for these areas. However, when these areas are hit, the damage and effect still occurs. Repeated offenses of attacks hitting these areas will result in a talk from a Staff member and potential combat probation.

Turtling and weapon trapping/pinning are two combat techniques used in ancient warfare. Though commonly regarded as taboo in LARPs they are both legal acts in Xadune. It should be noted, however, that the no physical contact clause is still in full swing when it comes to turtling and pinning of a weapon. Also, on the note of pinning a weapon, it is legal to pin a weapon with a weapon, or pin it against an object, but never against another person or with your own person.

Common sense is your best friend in these combat situations. Pinning maneuvers were designed to disarm an opponent. Do not hold onto
your weapon and expect not to get hurt.

Dragging a body might also come up in combat. To do so one goes up to said body and announces, “Dragging”. A PC with no strength bonuses can only move an adult male human sized creature at the pace of a slow walk. If the dragged creature wants, they can announce “do it” in response which means you really have to drag the body. If you cannot do so, then the body isn’t drug. Smaller, lighter creatures cannot do this however as they are not properly represented. Much larger creatures, on the other hand, can announce “No Effect” to represent you indeed cannot drag a one ton buffalo by yourself. Strength bonuses, oversized creatures, and combined efforts will be dealt with in-game on a case-by-case basis.

Lastly is the hindrance of movement, progression, or escape via abuse of combat safety rules. Due to the no physical contact rule it is illegal to actually push past a PC, however if you wish to do so it can be done; in other words the no physical contact rule cannot be used to gain a tactical advantage IP. If a PC wishes to get past another PC or NPC that is blocking said path they have this option: they can ask for physical role-play. If accepted they must then attempt to push by. If rejected, the moving PC has the option to announce they are pushing through and then must be allowed through. The only thing that will stop the moving PC at that time is an IP strength bonus. If the defender has a strength bonus, they can announce it and the moving PC must have a higher strength bonus to push past.