Players’ Conduct, Ethics, & Responsibilities

As an honor system LARP, the game is only as strong as its players. Honesty is a pivotal point on which this game is based. Cheating not only breaks down the fundamentals of the game but also ruins it for others. As with many other LARPs, Xadune will be very strict on cheating and unsportsmanlike behavior. It should be noted that there is a world of difference between in-play and out-of-play cheating. Your character can do as they please, but the player needs to always abide by the rules of the game. The ethics of the players defines the game, remember that.

Below is a small list of common things one should be mindful of while playing the game:

Take your hits, effects, and statuses: We know that combat is often fast and furious, but do your best to try and acknowledge and calculate the damage you are taking. In the beginning this will not be a large number, but as you grow as a character, wear more armor, and gain more defenses it will become increasingly important that you are aware of what your character can take. If you are hit with a spell, take the effect. Not sure what that did? Ask quickly “What does that do?” and you will get a response, if not from the attacker then from someone near you.

Pull your tags: If you use a potion, destroy the tag. If you use a bullet, mark it from the bullet tag. If you use a tag that says ‘See Staff’, talk to a Marshal and write the usage on your card, in addition to destroying the tag.

Do not lose yourself in combat: Swing, block, and engage in combat as the rules have outlined. If someone says you are swinging too hard, lighten up on the swings. If you are told you are swinging faster than you are calling damage, slow down. Do not argue with another person during combat about whether or not what they say you are doing is wrong or not. Try
to take their advice. Arguing in the heat of a battle will only make the argument even more intense. It is neither the time nor place to hold that discussion.

Remember we are all human: We are all human, and in so we all make mistakes. Remember that. Just because you spot someone making a wrong call or in violation of a rule, remember that they just might not be aware of it. We all make mistakes, so be sure to try and give the benefit of the doubt when calling people out.

Player’s Grievance
Xadune is a game with many adult themes and situations, but this does not mean one will always be copacetic with the situation. Submitting a Player’s Grievance is a drama free way of formally addressing with Staff an issue that you might have with the game, a player, or the like. These reports are taken very seriously and will be handled promptly and privately between Staff and the reporting player. To make a grievance all one need to do is formally write or email Staff making sure to clearly note they are wishing to report a Player’s Grievance. Only the player with the grievance can report their problem.

Do not report a grievance for another player or on another player’s behalf, it will be ignored. This is how you handle something you do not like with the game, not complaining to fellow players. Overabundant complaining to other players is considered rumoring or drama creating and is punishable. These types of activities poison the game environment and deplete fun from your fellow players, please do not do this and instead talk to Staff to resolve your issue.

Enforcement of Policies
Staff will always try their best to keep an eye on everyone, but we cannot see and be everywhere at once. If a player sees repeated breaking of ethical fair play or any rules they should inform a member of Staff.

If too many reports of a violation occur or a blatant observation of something is seen steps will be taken:

Warnings: If for the most part it was something innocent, you will be given a warning. In general terms you will be watched just a little more closely for the time being. These could be anything from small combat offenses to accidental mix-up of status effects or abilities. Warnings will most often be given for first time offences of: meta-gaming, minor combat violations, OOP rumoring (which can include constant complaining of game based or OOP situations that affects the attitude of other players rather than reporting a Player’s Grievous), or unknowingly cheating through use of item or non-existent skills.

Formal Warnings: Repeated offenses or a very blatant act of cheating will result in a formal warning. This will go on your character sheet until deemed fit for removal. Immediate punishments can range from being pulled from the current combat to having your character dust resulting in you having to resurrect, thus losing a life. Formal Warnings are often a result of multiple combat infractions.

Suspensions: Repeated formal warnings (i.e.: more than one), beyond obvious disregard for the rules of Xadune and/or ethical responsibilities of a player, or repeated non-combat warnings for meta-gaming, drama creating, or rumoring on a OOP level will result in player suspension. Upon suspension the player is required to drop all that they are doing and leave site. Other actions that can cause immediate suspension includes having illegal items on site.

Expulsions: If a player is ever suspended a second time they become permanently expelled from the game, thus never allowed to come back. Slip-ups happen, but repeated offenses and undisputable cheating will not be tolerated. Do not come to the game and cheat. You will be caught, and you will be asked to leave site. You bring nothing to the game but making it worse, so please do not waste your time or ours.

Lastly, Xadune reserves the right to raise civil complaints against anyone who endangers players or staff by violating the safety guidelines, and report anyone participating in illegal acts to the local authorities for prosecution.

Player’s Responsibilities
With all that said and done there are only a few more things that need to be addressed. One is the player’s responsibility. That would be what you are responsible for.

Fair Play: It is ultimately up to the player to play fair, follow the rules, and abide by the code of conduct and ethics. We have covered it once, but we will say it again: cheating is not worth it. Your most epic people in history are dead, not alive. Keep that in mind. Cheating to win is not everything.

Reporting Violations: In suit, it is your responsibility to report violations. No one wants these types around, but without your help they cannot be all separated out.

Cleaning Up: Each and every player is responsible for their own area and cabin. All cabins need to be left cleaner than they were when a player arrives. Repeated violations of not cleaning up behind one’s self will result in a loss of XP from the event. If you slept there, make sure you leave it clean.

Volunteering for the Game: Every player is required to, at some point during an event, give back to the event. The easiest way to do this is to monster for a minimum of two hours. There are other ways to do this as well, including working tavern, volunteering for some other important duty of the game, or helping at the end of the event making site ultra clean. Whatever it may be it is required. Lack of volunteering the minimum required time for the game will result in your character not receiving XP for the event.

Many people will ask: “do I have to monster?” The answer will be yes. In some way or another you need to give back to the game. Be it monstering, working the tavern, or clean up at the end of the event. A marshal must sign your card for your volunteer shift.Failure to do so will result in lack of records of your work and could result in not receiving your XP for the event.

So how long? Well, a typical monster shift needs to be 2 hours long. That’s the universal game norm. For tavern shifts it will be a bit longer (minimum of 3 hours). For end of event clean up, it is basically 4 hours. In addition to working your required shift, you also get your full reset of skill points. How can you go wrong? This is among the few ways to get your skill reset for the game.

So what if you do more? Ah, now there is a good question. Each shift after your required shift will get you a few things. Each shift will be converted into points, half a point per extra shift; depending on the amount at the end of the event you can turn them in for one of the following:
1 point = 1 Small Pull
2 points = 1 Extra Reskill & 1 Small Pull
4 points = 1 Extra XP or 1 Large Pull
5 points = 1 Extra XP & 1 Small Pull
6 points = 1 Extra XP, 1 Extra Reskill, & 2 Small Pulls
9 points = 1 Extra XP, 1 Extra Reskill, 2 Small Pulls, & 1 Large Pull

Pulls are a random collection of items that one can get. It’s like a lottery, but you will always get something. Large pulls, as the name implies, are normally much nicer items or collections of goods. You can use your points as you feel fit, but points do not roll over to the next event. So if you monstered 6 shifts beyond your required shift, you can turn in 2 points for an Extra Reskill & 1 Small Pulls, plus turn in the last 1 for 1 more Small Pull.

*NOTE: If you are only playing half an event and volunteer the other half you earn half as many points per time put into your shift. So if you were to monster 8 hours Friday night you would only earn 2 points. You can however come to half an event and monster those eight hours and have 4 of them count towards your required volunteer time, thus allowing you to play your half of the event free of worry as to when to volunteer.

Please also keep in mind that we might have caps on monsters we need/could use at a time. 15 people coming to monster Saturday morning while 5 people are awake: well, 10+ will be turned away. So please keep in mind that we will have limits. We will keep you posted on the tavern needs as we know many would like to help out there. Not monstering because you were turned away is not an excuse. The best way to unsure you will be able to monster when you want to is to sign up on the Monster Shift Request sheet, typically posted in the tavern. If you have your name assigned to a time slot there you will be used.

So what does monstering a whole event get you? Well for starters, our eternal gratitude, but we know most would like more than a hug and a pat on the back. You can earn bonus XP to go towards your character (dependant on a few factors), and bonuses might be applied to those that work their ass off (this
could be anything from materials, to units, to more bonus XP). Not only that, but you get to be at the event for free (a small fee ensures you will get bonus
XP), and we will 75% of the time find a bed or piece of floor for you to sleep on for free. But, we promise you that you will be constantly at work.

Lost and Found: All items obtained in the game through non-staff means need to be returned to the original owner of the item. It is the responsibility for each player to try to get the object back to this person. If you are in doubt, or do not want to be implicated in any way, then hand the item over to Staff and we will get it back to the owner, no questions asked. Just remember, you would want your items you paid for back, so be courteous and do the same.

Game Environment: It is up to players to keep the environment as well maintained as they can. Do not stand around and talk out-of-character. Decorate your cabins. Try to get and maintain good costuming. We do not expect everyone to come to their first game looking the part, but after a few events blue jeans and tee-shirts are unacceptable. Multiple violations of talking in public areas out-of-character while in-play is called will result in disciplinary actions.

Maturity: All players are expected to be mature at all times. Characters all day long can yell profanities, be rude, and in the end be the dirt of the world, but the players need to be respectful to one another on an out-of-game level and maintain a level of maturity that merits itself as worthy of a civilized society. In other words don’t be an ass or you will be dealt with. Racism, discrimination, personal right violations, and all other manner of laws that apply to the real world do not disappear while at the game.