New Starport

One of the most famous and well known cities of Xadune. If Revrent is the city of renaissance, then New Starport is the melting pot of Xadune. Though service in the military is purely by volunteer, the city has never had a problem with people wanting to better their home and protect it.


New Starport is a large port city on the west coast of Jarr.  Much like the Tri-Gates, is comprised mostly of a large urban sprawl, with farmland on the outskirts.  The upper class tends to live farther inland, while the lower class live and work close to the docks.


New Starport, as the name suggests, was once simply Starport.  During Fallen Star, the city is said to have slipped into the Espen Ocean.  Those who survived rebuilt on the shores of their fallen city and created New Starport.

The People of New Starport

These are some of the most diverse and accepting people in the world. She is truly the city that never sleeps. More residents of New Starport are very open to new people they meet, and very friendly.  Because it is common to encounter a little of everything in New Starport, the people are often surprised and curious to meet someone completely new.  Xenophobia is rare and everyone can find a place in the city.

The people make their income of sea goods, imports, and some light farming in the surrounding area.

Military, Technology, and Laws

New Starport has never had issues raising troops.  Even with a purely volunteer force, they boast one of the largest sky fleets in the world.

The level of technology in New Starport is on par with the rest of the modern world; they are neither cutting edge nor falling behind.

In terms of laws, the City-State is again known for being open-minded, and follows World Law fairly.