The Empire of Kanada

Of all modern nations, Kanada is by far the oldest and most influential. The birthplace of firearms and claimed father of invention, Kanada has always been current with the technology of today. They are a very disciplined and developed society. Here, everyone has a purpose and meaning. Most are taught from birth in their trade or art, and all hold closely to their traditions and ways.


Until the recent cataclysmic events, Kanada was connected to Jarr via land bridge; but even during these times Kanada kept very much to itself. Since the separation, Kanada has been enjoying a more peaceful solitude. The events of the past have caused Kanada to be slightly smaller than it was two centuries ago, but this in no way has stopped it from being just as mesmerizing.

Visitors to these lands return often speaking of paradise and tranquility. Lush mountainsides, waterfalls, and green valleys cover this volcanically formed island. A large mountain range maxing out at about 3,000 feet stretches across the landmass, with the north side being mostly mountains and forest and uninhabited. The western rim dips low and is mostly like a large plateau leveling off at sea level.

Kanada has a much colder climate than Jarr, but regardless still holds a full green landscape. Summers average about 80°F but can sometime reach higher depending on the winds that blow in from the Aturin Ocean. Winters can get very cool, normally dipping to freezing. Oddly, a strange phenomenon from the north causes warm air to come in which Kanada soaks up; this often lets them enjoy a warmer winter than northern Jarr. This winter breeze also helps the greenery make it through the cold winter.

The months of June and July are normally spent in a constant rainfall. Villages and towns dot the countryside. Cities are very symmetrical, with obvious signs that they were built with a well thought out plan.

Also unique to Kanada is their architecture which mainly emphasizes on articulation and bilateral symmetry. The small island to the south of Kanada is one of the flattest and most urbanized areas in Kanada. Most of the vegetation has been removed except for a few farmlands to help feed the island. This is where the Capital of Kanada lays. It’s said that most residents of the Empire do not even see the Capital within their lifetime. Very few foreigners have seen it as well.


Historically, this has been a very xenophobic people, and much of their history is kept to themselves. Notably, the first production of a new firearm by the gunsmith Tang So was in AFS 032.

In AFS 136, following the extinction of the Gnolls, Kanada closed the borders of the Gnoll city Akiti to any non-Gnoll visitors.  It was rumored that the borders were guarded by the Kanadian Samurai.


The Kanadian People

Kanadians live by honor and tradition. They are raised to always fight a fair fight; because of this a Kanadian would never attack someone from behind or take advantage of them if they are unarmed during combat. Kanadians are very reserved, yet hold themselves with great pride. When it comes to their area of specialty, they are the best or striving to be it. In so, most also feel their opinions in matters of their field are that of an expert, and often feel very insulted when looked over or ignored in the matter.

These are a xenophobic people who do not welcome immigrants or tourists. Visitors are treated as the lowest class. Kanadians also tend to be somewhat gullible in the ways of others outside of Kanada, and sometimes their sense of honor can be their downfall.

Due to recent raids and attacks from the country of Greachen, most Kanadians loathe the nation as a whole.


Kanada’s army is small, but one of the most feared. Many claim that a lone warrior can count for a hundred on the battle field. They also have a large sea fleet and a quickly growing sky fleet.


Like Revrent, Kanada is well versed in the new sciences as well as magic. If it was not for the skilled craftsman of Kanada, one questions if firearms or even the whole technology race would even exist. It was Kanada that was able to produce the first firearm that would not explode upon firing, and it was Kanada that perfected the cartridge round. Despite all these advancements, they are very reluctant to use them. Though they have the potential to match everyone else, in terms of a Sky Fleet, they choose not to.


Kanada’s laws are much like Revrent and the rest of the world. Though they are often much hastier to punish people more strictly and use someone to set examples. Capital punishment is often highly favored over transportation. One of the most striking differences is that the peasant class is not allowed to have firearms, though they are allowed to have weapons to defend themselves.