The Tri-Gates

Tri-Gates is a huge port City-State and the center of a large amount of trade for the world.  If you are looking to purchase anything, you can find it in the Tri-Gates.  They serve as the official customs passage between the continent of Jarr and the country of Kanada.


The Tri-Gates are a huge expanse of city scape covering almost 85 miles of coastline.   There is little in the way of ‘nature’ in terms of forest or plains, just city and coastline. The Tri-Gates are some of the coldest cities on Jarr, with temperatures dipping below freezing in the winter.


Once, when Jarr and Kanada were connected, the three cities of North Gate, Gate Town, and South Gate spanned the land bridge in between the two nations and served as the main toll ways into either nation. After time and growth, the three cities that were once separated by many miles–North Gate, Gate Town, and South Gate–grew to meet each other and became one huge city space, now known as the Tri-Gates.

 The Trigation People

Together they have a combined population of about 420,000.  Due to the nature of living in a giant city, the people of Tri-Gates are often out of place in a forest.  They tend to be isolationist and are wary of new people until they get to know them; however, they are not used to being alone and have some anxieties about being alone.

Fashion of the Tri-Gates

The humidity and sun of Tri-Gates have created a very distinct fashion.  Wide-legged pants and wide-sleeved shirts are very popular, having center frog-style closures. Large brimmed, pointed hats are in high demand.