Darken Wood

Darken Wood is not strictly a nation, as it has no central form of government, but it is worth noting as it is a populated area on Pha many call home.


Darken Wood is the large forest in the southeast of Pha.  The forest is a dense thing with a tight knit canopy, blocking all light from reaching the forest floor and giving the region its name.  The brush is think and nigh impassable.

On top of the geographic difficulties, it is said the southern forest is haunted by a slew of ghosts, either those fallen in a cataclysm or the elves who used to reside here, or the victims of the murders and thieves who live here.

There are some towns to be had, notably port towns which tend to harbor the lowlife of the world.  Pirates frequently visit as it is a lawless land free of worry.


There is very little recorded history of Darken Wood.  It is said the elves once lived here among the trees, although in light of the recent Invasion this may not be accurate.

The People of Darken Wood

There is no polite way to say it—the people of Darken Wood are thieves, murderers, felons.  The nature of the survivalist life style of these people have left them without morals.  Literacy is not a common trait of these people, and any art which requires proper education seems to be lost on these people.  However, in lieu of all of this, these people are proud and pitiful of those who grew up in a ‘lavish’ society.

Military, Technology, and Laws

Darken Wood simply has none of these things.  A lawless land with no central government and a people too focused on survival to think about progress has no need for these things.