The Kinsley Nation


In the northeast corner of Pha, from the Nigean Mountains to the sea, lies the Nation of Kinsley.  One of the challenged areas on the globe due to civil war and unrest, Kinsley is one of the oldest areas on the globe. Structures of old populate the rolling foot hills and forest of this area. Fields have been cleared out for farming and even a Halfling village or two can be found hidden in this still untouched environment. The green grasslands and forest give way to open beaches that line all of their east coast, while they are protected on the west by the Nigean Mountains.  The North struggles with a harsher, colder climate whereas the South is more temperate.  It is split into two regions: North and South, and they are each very different from one another.


Kinsley is a very old nation with a rich history, one which is much too complicated to begin explaining in this book.  However, the relatively recent split between North Kinsley and South Kinsley in AFS 092 presses on the mind of its residents rather heavily. Since the split there have been decades of civil war and civil unrest.  The Northerners feel it is time to adopt a new system of government, whereas the Southerners hold dearly to their Monarchy.

On December 1st, AFS 137 the King of Kinsley, Phillip Augustus Julian XVIII, passed away.  It is unknown what effect this will have on the civil disputes in the country.

The People of Kinsley

Much as the people of Barboroy shy away from the arcane arts, the people of Kinsley shy away from technology, the Northerners more than the Southerners.  They believe that technology will bring the world to ruin, and have varying levels of hatred towards it.

It is not likely one will find an engineer in Kinsley, nor a marksman.  They seem to have difficulty comprehending new technologies or medical practices, due to lack of exposure.  Unlike the fairy, it is not as if these people cannot use technology, they just vehemently oppose it. Some even go so far as to spend their lives dedicated to eradicating it across the globe.

Northern – The harsher environment of the northern part of Kinsley forges the people into a rougher crowd. The main home of the rebellion is here. This area also seems to birth more fighters than mages, though it’s just a statistical fact.  The civil war with the South is not against the people, but against the government, and almost all in the North have a strong sense that there is a need for a change of government, and they will stand behind that and the cause until death.

Southern: Though they are ruled by a king, rebellions still break out in a fight for a more diplomatic form of government. Regardless, they have a formidable land and sea army and some of the more grass root mages in the world. Despite its new arrival in the world, it is often referred to as the Old Kingdom. The civil war with the North is unfortunately against the people and their views that the monarchy should be dissolved. In the South they are hopeful that in time the North’s views will change and until then they have to bolster their defenses and in times use force to halt the rebels’ attacks. For most, it’s a sad affair that most wish could be solved without violence. Only a handful wishes to take the war to the North.

Fashion of Kinsley

Kinsleyan men have adopted tight-fitting trousers and wide overcoats. The collared shirt is still as ever popular, albeit with collars much taller and more rigged than found in the rest of the world.  Neck ties to match these shirts are again very popular.

Kinsleyan women wear long dresses with high, ‘Empire’ waists, with skirts often layered several deep.  This is in start contrast to the fashion in many places in the world, where bustles are popular.  The Kinsleyan silhouette is much more open and flowing.  Colorful fabrics are also very popular.


Kinsley is easy to describe in the sense of technology: there is none. This is the one place on the planet that does not endorse it at all in any way. Even the Western Kingdom has more technology than Kinsley.


Law-wise they are very traditional and old school, some might say. There is a strong caste system set up, with each caste treated in the sense of the law slightly different from another. A good rule of thumb is the higher class you are the more you can get away with. Though most entering the lands are of some class, be prepared to present paperwork in case you get in trouble. It’s always best to make sure you are very up front in displaying your stature and country of origin when in Kinsley.