The Nation of Barboroy


The nation of Barboroy lies on the southern peninsula of Pha, and subsequently has a large amount of coastline. A few large forests still stand to mark where nature once ruled, but for the most part, the sights to see here are the sprawling cities.  Winter is typically the rainy season, and it tends to be warmer than the rest of the continent.


Barboroy was founded in AFS 015 be a group of similarly-minded individuals who had flocked to southwestern Barboroy after Fallen Star.  As the spread their borders, they came into conflict with their established neighbors.  In AFS 021, the border reached that of the Western Kingdoms, and a war broke out that would last for the next 17 years.  It was one of the longest and bloodiest conflicts of the century.  The peace that was signed was a strained one.

In AFS 077, Barboroy went to war with the Kingdom of Reverent, which would last three years and ended in AFS 080 with the signing of the Barboroy Treaty. Another strained peace, the Barboroy people often blame Reverent for their lack of process in the coming years.

In AFS 133, Barboroy again found itself at war with the people of the Western Kingdoms, a war that would last until the Invasion of 136, when arms were thrown aside and the peoples of both nations worked together to battle the Invaders.

The Barboroian People

The Barboroian people value technology and progress above all other things.  Here, the sciences flourish and everything which benefits from them follow suit.

The Barboroian people have long since denounced the arcane arts in their pursuit of scientific advancement; the few who still believe it to be something other than children’s tales denounce it as evil.  You will not find an Arcanist within the borders who is doing more than visiting.

Education is a primary concern for the people of Barboroy, and their mass-education system is second only to Reverent.  Barboroy boasts some of the best universities in the world.

These are a very patriotic people; they often feel their country is the greatest in the world.  They are a very head-strong people and are not receptive to foreign mannerisms or customs.  This has, in part, contributed to the bloody nature of the nation.

It seems that, perhaps due to the last war, the people of Barboroy as a whole detest the people of Reverent.

Fashion of Barboroy

Barboroy fashion is in many ways, rustic.  Men typically wear trousers, collared shirts, bolo ties, double-breasted vests, coasts, and brimmed hats.  The men’s waistline sits low, around the hip rather than the waist itself. Boots are very popular, as are spats to protect trousers from dust and dirt.

Women typically wear collared shorts, long skirts in a fashionable bustled silhouette, belts at the waist, and hats, although riding gear is also found commonplace.


Barboroy boasts a well-trained army, a solid navy, and a formidable sky fleet.  Some of the best sky pilots were born and trained in Barboroy, and their military benefits from it. The technological pursuits have also assisted the military greatly.


Science is by far the driving force of progress here.  A nation which has sworn off magic, they embody the true nature of invention. Though Kanada is the father of firearms, Barboroy is the nurturing mother that has brought them and all other children of science up and further than they could have ever gone.

It is said that modern medicine was invented in Barboroy, as well as the electrical sciences.


Laws are among the most lenient on the planet. Most nations feel Barboroy offers too many second chances and is nothing more than a breeding ground for mistakes. Barboroy is also the only nation that feels children are not fully responsible for their actions. They also do not endorse transportation but instead prefer to use their own penal system.