Brownies are the congenial, smart, cunning and wingless ones of Xadune. Child-like at heart, laid back, and adventurous they are willing to help anyone. Unlike their Fae cousins, they are more open to the new sciences although they are still just as keen on the arcane.   They are skilled, crafty, and magical in nature, and dislike combat as a rule.

Brownies have long pointed ears and a copious amount of hair.  Their heights range between 5″ – 7″ on average, although due to their innate magical ability,  they can appear to between 5’4″ – 6’3″. Due to their small stature, they are not as strong as other races, and cannot wear heavy armor or use normal weaponry. They have a natural resistance to diseases or toxins, varying per person, and cannot be forced to do anything against their nature.  Perhaps most uniquely, Brownies can understand and speak to any natural creature innately.

At a Glance:
Category: Fae
Average Life Span: ~700
Average Number of Offspring: 1
Maximum Number of Offspring: 2

Brownie Cultures

Gub’ro– Support the New Gift- Located in the Eastern Faction and run by the Brownies. They seem to be growing little in number due to the vast expansion of Dark Wood Bastion. They are a bit shy but still do dealings with Dark Wood Bastion and are craftier than most Brownies.   The inhabitants of The Gub’ro Pass are so ‘disconnected’ from the rest of the world, let alone the Kingdom itself, that when approached, or seen in public, they can be very socially awkward. They can be unable to communicate effectively, such as body gestures that are not normal, staring, etc..

Twisting Weed-Support the New Gift- Located in the Northern Faction and run by the Brownies. They are the friendliest of the houses and are said to be the ‘life’ of the Great Forest due to their hospitality to the outsiders.  Ever since the onslaught massacre of the civil war, citizens of Twisting Weed have disliked battle or any conflict for that matter. So as long as they see it in their power, combat will be the last resort for settling any kind of dispute.