Half-children of the light ones, these few are noted as some of the most caring creatures of Xadune. Often taking on the appearance of their parents, these half-breeds from the upper Planescape also most often follow in their footsteps… though not always.

Every Celestial-kin is different in appearance and almost none are born the same, and as such their abilities, immunities, and other special features vary from each to each.

Though their parentage may be more noble than the Demon-kin, they are still treated as half-breeds and abominations by most of the planet.

Average Life Span: ~300
Average Number of Offspring: 0
Maximum Number of Offspring: 1

Celestial-kin History and Cultures

Much like the Elves, Celestial-kin do not have a history or a culture.  In fact, they are often ostracized from the culture they are born into.