Deep Elves

The most noble of the Elven (or Fae) kind. These mysterious people live below ground. They are said to be the protectors of Xadune and little is known about this race. No one is sure of how many there are, or why they live underground, but one thing is for sure: they know the answers. The wise often reflect upon these ancient people for advice, for only the Deep Elves seem to have the running history of the entire world, though they do not share it with just anyone. Bold, noble, strong, and smart, it is no wonder most never cross these rare people.

Deep Elves have pale white skin, white or silver hair, pointed ears, and most have red scars across their face. Their heights range between 5’4″ – 6’3″ on average, with males being taller than females. Deep Elves live primarily underground, but contrary to most beliefs, they cannot see in the dark and are not blinded by light. However, they can produce a light source that allows them to see while in dark areas.  Like their cousins, the have a natural resistance to sleep and charm effects.

Average Life Span: ~800
Average Number of Offspring: 1
Maximum Number of Offspring: 1

Deep Elf Culture

These noble and reclusive people have more secrets than almost any other race on Xadune. Even what most people believe to be true is merely a fabrication to make the less informed look the other way. Deep elves have withdrawn from the world after making their mark. For the most part, these people consider themselves as the protectors of Xadune, and the mind of reason for the world. Rare ever is it to see one in the world for no reason, but it has been known to happen. But it is a fact that during every conflict, every important meeting, everything that could be connected to the world, the deep elves were there, whether you knew it or not. Deep Elves are also among the few races that are still bonded together; meaning almost every Deep Elf was raised a Deep Elf. Exceptions are normally not tolerated by the race and dealt with swiftly.

Deep Elves  hold a fascination for forests, although they lack the skills to properly function in one.  It is presumed that this is due to the lack of forests underground in which they live.  They are an honorable people who avoid an unfair fight, as well as logical and sometimes cold people, preferring to not be led by emotion. However, Deep Elves seem uncomfortable in a bright or warm environment.