Elves and Half-Elves

The fallen race and the children of them; though most of their history is lost, the elves believe they were once the master race of Xadune. But time, war, and hardship have stripped them of this title. Though now very few in numbers, most elves and half-elves hold themselves very high on a personal level, but by all others they are treated as lesser and a dying race.

Elves look very similar to humans, with their telling physical feature being their pointed ears. Their heights range between 5’4″ – 6’3″ on average, with males being taller than females. Due to the Elven race being in shambles, they have become masters of hiding from those hunting them and making them outcasts and hunting for the means to survive.  They have a natural resistance to sleep effects and charm effects, although half-elves seem to be normally sensitive to one of these.  Moreover, elves are some of the longest-lived people on Xadune, with natural lifespans nearing 600 years.

Full Elf Average Life Span: ~700
Half Elf Average Life Span: ~350
Average Number of Offspring: 1
Maximum Number of Offspring: 2

It should be noted that these numbers only take into account natural deaths.  Very few elves make it to their maximum lifespan.

Elven History

Elven history is a blurry thing.  Not much was known about the history of the Elves, other than they once had a beautiful civilization in Sharorer Thysaer that has since fallen into ruin.

In February of AFS 136, Xadune was invaded by what appears to be the ancestors of the Elven race.  Little is known about these Invaders, but they seem to have advanced technologies and speak a form of the dead Elven language.