Fanatical, knowledgeable, pranksters, and the only winged race; Fairies are tricksters and they take things very literally. Of all the races native to Xadune, the Fairies are the most in tune with magic and its ways. They are Born Sorcerers.

Fairies have long pointed ears and insect-like wings.  Their heights range between 10″ – 12″ on average, although due to their innate magical ability, they can appear to between 5’4″ – 6’3″. Due to their small stature, they are not as strong as other races, and cannot wear heavy armor or use normal weaponry. A Faries cannot be compelled to tell the truth, nor can they use any engineered object.

Average Life Span: ~750
Average Number of Offspring: 1
Maximum Number of Offspring: 2

Fae races are the keepers of the Great Forest, mostly known as The Western Kingdom. The Fae races consist of the Fairies and the Brownies, and are separated into six different houses. Most of the Houses were caused and based around whether they support or object to the “New Gift.” The Kingdom itself is split up into four separate groups; The Northern, Eastern, Western, and Southern factions. Each faction is ruled differently because ever since “The New Gift” was passed, the view of the Fae has been distorted. The Northern Faction is ruled by three of the Brownies. This is also the most ‘outsider’ friendly location in the Great Forest. The Eastern Faction is ruled by a Fairy. This is a very organized Faction and holds the largest city in the Western Kingdom. The Southern Faction is not ruled but there resides a Brownie who claims he is in charge. This Area of the Forest is not populated much by the Fae so much as the magical creatures of the lands. Lastly, the Western Kingdom is ruled by the Fairies that reside there. They oppose the “New Gift” and will kill any not native to the Forest.


Fairy Cultures

Coe– Support the New Gift-Located in the Northern Faction and run by the Fairies. Like the Brownies of the Northern Faction, they are friendly but still have their ‘dark’ sides such as mischievousness, pranks, etc. They are a very laid-back people, but they do prefer order.

The Dark Wood– Support the New Gift- Located in the Eastern Faction and run by the Fairies. They enforce their laws heavily and are viewed as ‘nobles’ only because of their organization and their fine housing.  They do not take well to perceived slights or disrespect.  These fae are not strong manufacturers and find production skills difficult to learn.

The Silent Wood– Oppose the New Gift- Located in the Southern Faction and run by the Brownies. Scattered and unheard of, this house is viewed as the ‘savage house’ since they do not live in Fae-made shelters and still follow the traditional way. Cultural Disadvantages for the Silent Wood: – All Engineering Skills cost double to purchase and use (skill point wise). Role-play Requirements for the Silent Wood: Growing up and living as a part of nature, the Silent Wood Fae feel that it is their sworn duty to protect nature. This includes the animals and trees to the very air they breathe.