There are several species of the Feline race, most of them with many different attitudes and outlooks on the world. They often keep things to themselves, unless the situation calls for it, especially if it comes to their race. Because of this, their actual history as a race isn’t well known.

Felines are humanoid in shape, with furred ears on top of their head rather than skin ears on the sides.  They have a small black or pink nose, very similar to that of a cat.  Additionally, felines have a long tail.

Felines are light on their feet; somehow, they always manage to land on their feet.  Felines have a strong fortitude against all disease.  And very importantly, Felines are obsessed with one thing. This thing differs from person to person, and it could be anything from a color, to an idea, to a task, to a God.  However, it is a trait all Felines have and many attempt to control, to little avail.

Average Life Span: ~65
Average Number of Offspring: 2
Maximum Number of Offspring:4

Feline Cultures

Lynx: Call themselves “Lincei”. These people have large ears with tufts of fur on the top and a nub of a tail- these dominants are the only piece of this culture to have a peaceful calm about them. They are mystical and religious in nature, often seeking council with the Powers and the Gods for advice. As such, it isn’t uncommon for a Lynx to be a cleric of sorts. However, these peaceful people can take a turn when upset. Because of their uncontrollable rage, they have blood lust when it comes to battle and may lose sight of the enemy and attack their friends.  They tend to be the outcasts of Mirth.

Snow: Call themselves “Pardus”. They have white ears and a white spotted tail. The feline here are often known as the protectors of Central Pha, since they guard the border from the terrors that live in the North. Natives are often blunt, and can be cold towards anyone or anything. Fantastic in combat, they go above and beyond to prove that they are tactically the best front line the feline race has. However, they live in a cold climate and heated temperatures can exhaust them easily.  They are born with a defect and cannot speak loudly, and as such it is polite to quietly listen to them.

Leona: These people categorize each other by their color.  The yellow eared folk call themselves “Marozi”, and the white eared folk call themselves “Krugeri”.  The males of this culture are known best for their leadership and tactician skills. They are great for close combat, but would require the aid of other means to make up for their lack of stamina for long distance/ranged combat. The females are the warriors of this culture.