Fire Elemani

The most aggressive of these people are the Fire Elemani. The passion of their home plane burns bright in these types and they are normally quick to respond or take action. They are normally seen as the warrior class of the Elemani. Their frontline skills are highly desirable and are often regarded as the best warriors in the world; some training for battle for almost their entire life.

The Fire Elemani have deep red to coal black skin, fiery hair, red glowing eyes at night, pointed ears.

Fire Elemani, being seemingly made of fire, are immune to its effects.  They can also create fires from nothing.

Average Life Span: ~300
Average Number of Offspring: 0
Maximum Number of Offspring: 1

Fire Elemani History and Cultures

Much like the Elves, Fire Elemani do not have a history or a culture.  In fact, they are often ostracized from the culture they are born into.