Intelligent, organized and aggressive. Though they have survived the times pressed against them, they never let down their reins of aggression. These creatures are rarely trusted and often seen trying to cut their corner into the world.

Hobgoblins are extreme strategists, which confuses most, since they generally don’t know how to read or write. When going into a large battle, the hobgoblin can map out in his head the best strategy to use.

Hobgoblins have brown skin with green or orange patching, a pair of tusks protruding from their mouths, and pointed ears.   They are one of the naturally strong races, and have a natural resistance to disease and poisons. Their heights range between 5’4″ – 6’3″ on average, with males being taller than females.

Average Life Span: ~38
Average Number of Offspring: 1-2
Maximum Number of Offspring: 3

Hobgoblin History

Hobgoblins have been in and out of warfare since their beginning. Before Fallen Star, the hobgoblins shared the plains of Pha with the orcs and goblins and were at a constant state of readiness or war. Historians claim that at one time there were five different tribes of hobgoblins, but over time the weakest two of the five were eliminated.  However, hobgoblins do not keep a written record, and all of their history and tradition is passed by mouth.

Since Fallen Star, Hobgoblins have gone to war with each other four times: in AFS 014, AFS 028, AFS 058, and AFS 088.

The Hobgoblin Cultures

At this time there are three hobgoblin tribes, forged hard and grown strong by the changing times. Times have changed, but their purpose hasn’t. Much like the orcs, hobgoblin cultures are defined almost by their main purpose in battle. Tribes still roam the plains of Pha, and other areas of the world, living their life.

Thunderhoof– This tribe has defined the hobgoblins’ skills at tracking and ranged precision. These hobgoblins originally fought on horseback with ranged weapons, and when not at war they roamed the plains in smaller groups living off what the world offered up to them. The Thunderhooves are also viewed by most as being some of the best trackers on Xadune. However, the find close combat to be very difficult.  Additionally, they prefer to be outside in a natural habitat, and will remove themselves from buildings if they are forced to stay indoors.

Bloodwolf– In times past, these hobgoblins were what nightmares are made of. Adorned in the skins of animals, tattooed from head to toe, blood dripping from mouths; all described this bloodthirsty tribe. Though slightly calmer due to the turning of time, they are still known as the fiercest fighters of Pha. When not in battle, this tribe is usually drunk or up to no good.  They are not known for their histories or excessive knowledge, but rather for their brute strength and boisterous nature.  Strangely, they have a penchant for lycanthropy and will take any opportunity to attain it without second thought.

Stonescourge– This is the only hobgoblin tribe to call one place home. They have built a city in the center of the plains, both above and below ground, and have cultivated the land around it. These hobgoblins grew up with the times and create some of the best armor and goods of the plains of Pha. The Stonescourge leader is a military strategist like no other, and armors and disciplines his army to withstand all that the opposition has. Always at the ready, this tribe is the defensive league of the plains.  However, while they excel at creating the tools of war, they lack the focus and dedication for the finer arts or entertainment.  The Stonescourge hold themselves in very high regard and have a high level of nationalism.