Water Elemani

Though often seen as the most calm and tranquil of the Elemani, do not be fooled for these types are quick to turn into a raging storm of energy. Most, if not all, are very playful, sweet, and always curious. Of all the Elemani, these are the ones seen most among people, always wanting to learn more. Most are fierce mages by training, and a force to be reckoned with in magical battle. As said before, much like the calm waters of an ocean, they can rage with power and vengeance in a heartbeat.

Water Elemani have blue or green toned skin; some show light layers of scales; and all have pointed ears.

Average Life Span: ~300
Average Number of Offspring: 0
Maximum Number of Offspring: 1

Water Elemani History and Cultures

Much like the Elves, Water Elemani do not have a history or a culture.  In fact, they are often ostracized from the culture they are born into.