Lost Power: Jamileveka

Up until AFS 138, the Power Jamileveka was counted among the 13 Lesser Powers.  However, rumors of his demise have been spreading.  Due to the secretive nature of His followers, it is difficult to decide whether He is truly gone, or if it is yet another lie spread by his devotees.

Deception and Lies
Alias: The Lord of Lies
Holy Symbol: Two Headed Snake
Favored Weapon: Hand Crossbow

Why tell the truth while Jamileveka, Lord of Lies, is on your side? His holy symbol is a golden gem wrapped in a serpent. His followers are opposed to all things magical and he demands a ritual prayer in his name ever 3 hours that must last a minimum of 1 hour. Also, at sunset on the third Day, of the second week, of each month, those devoted to the Lord of Lies must sacrifice an innocent in a 4 hour ritual to Jamileveka. This twisted man enjoys the company of Grim for likely reasons.

Priests: Truly dedicated priests spend enough time in their daily sacrifices that they tend to overlook the simpler things in life, such as breathing.

Followers: The common Jamilevekan is often a lively soul full of good spirits and laughter. Most people wouldn’t know one if they lived next door, but no one has complained about one to date.

Temples/Churches: Churches tend to look just like everyone else’s, or is often the most glamorous temple of all. None the less, they are often regarded as the best house of worship though often difficult to locate in a time of need.