Purity, Law, and Innocence
Alias: Lady in White
Holy Symbol: Tipped Scale
Favored Weapon: Long Sword

Filter works alongside Ashton. She is said to give all new life a clean slate to start with. She is the youngest of the sisters.

Priests: Polite, clean spoken, and often the final word; priests of Filter come in two fashions: those that are of innocence and often youth, and those that act as the unbiased law.

Followers: Most are kind, clean cut, and rambunctious for lack of a better description. People see the lighthearted side in these followers.

Temples/Churches: Almost every court in the world has a white marble shrine to Filter in it, and the temples are very clean kept and open to all. The larger cities have whole temples made of white marble, brightly lit, and always with an open door.