Cold, Winter, and Water
Alias: The Ice King
Holy Symbol: Snowflake
Favored Weapon: Javelin

As the title he is given states, Cobanoglu brings winter and cold nights to Xadune. He is also lord over the fringed murky depths. Some say he is secretly in love with Armadel, thus is the rumor to why the dead grow so cold.

Priests: Opposed to popular beliefs priests of Cobanoglu are often warm hearted and fun to be around. Outspoken and viewed as faithful listeners and wise advisors these priests can be a can be welcome joy at times.

Followers: Sailors and those north of the frost line often make up the ranks of followers along with pretty much anyone once it gets cold outside. Most have varied attitudes and views in the world, but those core followers often keep in good spirits and try to follow in stride with the priests.

Temples/Churches: Well crafted and often adorn with winter motifs, temples can be found in many cities, in all port towns, and in most towns of the north. Though often cold they always seem inviting and in odd way warm.