Demi-Power: Sawa

Alias: The Sweeping Maiden
Holy Symbol: Skull with a Halo
Favored Weapon: Wand

The Holder of Time, much about Sawa is a secret. It is said she takes the form of a young girl, though few have seen her.  Having only one domain, she is a Demi-Power; however, that does not make her any less powerful than her counterparts.

Priests: Sawa priests are a very somber bunch, though they are often consulted when the misunderstanding of time comes about. They tend to be nihilistic, believing all crumbles to the passage of time.

Followers: Though her devoted priests might not be a lively bunch, her followers range from all types, including those who hold faith in nothing in general to those who value time.

Temples/Churches: Temples to Sawa are large and normally empty.  Unless filled with followers, it is nothing more than a vast hall with almost no furnishings and clergy members that just tend to clean and pray.  It is said that Sawa Temples have impeccably clean floors.