Knowledge and Pity
Alias: The All Knowing
Holy Symbol: An Open Tome
Favored Weapon: Polearm

Calm and compassionate, Everglave is often known as the wisest power. Many come to him when questions arise. He is also known to keep a running history of the world, and thus is often referred to as “the Historian”.

Priests: Regarded as often the most helpful and egger to help of the Priests. When not out and about, however, they are seen almost in constant study.

Followers: Most often kind and helpful, these people are always eager to learn and spread what they have learned; though always with good intent, this trait often gives them a bad reputation of being “know-it-alls”.

Temples/Churches: As one would imagine these sanctuaries are libraries of knowledge; however, the general public is not allowed to browse the books. Most temples also have more lavish decorations than other Powers’.