Peace and Love
Lord of Tranquility
Holy Symbol: Head of a Unicorn
Favored Weapon: Quarterstaff

Hate and bloodshed are the last thing Neltēveye wants to see. He is known to be one of the harder workers of all the Powers. He weeps when he looks upon Xadune, but he and his followers never lose hope. Neltēveye often takes form of an old man who shines with such serenity it brings smiles to even the foulest of men.

Priests: Often seen wearing comfortable clothing and walking about bare footed these priests walk with confidence and give advice to lost souls. They are known to give hope, faith, love and peace to the world.

Followers: Most are older in nature, having seen how the world once was and how it has developed; they came for guidance and wish to spread peace and love among all. They range in influence from beggars to men with political power.

Temples/Churches: Shrines can be found in every city, no matter the scale. Serenity can be found here with the echoes of the gentle flow of water from the fountains, or standing in the tranquil pool to find guidance; most come here to clear their mind or make peace with fellow men.