“Burning Rage”

Fire and Destruction
Alias: Burning Rage
Holy Symbol: Flaming Sword
Favored Weapon: Fire

Often referred to as Goddamas’ lover, Relanegī is actually much calmer then her title leads people to believe. But those that are led astray by her often calm greeting find themselves in a horrible position in the end.

Priests: Eccentric, loud, emotional; all these describe a fire priest. Often full of rage, these priests often not the most understanding but have a teaching that some find an appreciation for.

Followers: As with the priests, the followers of Relanegī are often brash and not the best in a social situation. Most often are regarded as hooligans, vandals, or straight up thugs.

Temples/Churches: Temples look like something in shambles. Scattered brick and mortar as if a war came through the area, most avoid it unless they are dedicated or have some vengeance that they have wish to be fulfilled. Temples are located near the edges of some towns, keeping them away from any cities that may draw the attention of their goddess.