“Mother Earth”

Farms, Agriculture, and Earth
Alias: Mother Earth
Holy Symbol: Bundle of Wheat
Favored Weapon: Sickle

The one that taught man to raise food from the earth and Mother to those that dwell in the ground. Farmers pray to her each morning to keep their crops safe and protected, even through the long cold winter days of Harvest’s End.

Priests: Kind and warmhearted these priests often give advice grounded in optimistic reality. Often the most common priest in the country, Selita priest are the ones most turn to in times of need and direction.

Followers: Followers are often farmers but also have a small number of druids that are seen as protectors of the earth.

Temples/Churches: Most are no more ten simple wooded churches, but of all the Lessers Selita has maybe the most numbers dwellings because of the rural following. Inviting and in an odd way comforting, these sanctuaries tend to always have open doors.