Energy and Mages
Alias: Lord of Mages
Holy Symbol: Magic Wand pulsing with energy
Favored Weapon: Magic

The watchdog over energy and watcher over mages of all aptitude, he is often said to be working closely with Riot. Sonla is key in the workings of magic and the power which makes it work.

Priests: Proud and often a little flamboyant, these priests tend to be in the know when it comes to the inner workings of magic and often as a counsel of all mages and users of magic.

Followers: It should go without saying that a vast majority of the followers of Sonla are users of magic. Their views often vary as well as their attitudes though all seem to treat the fact they are a follower more like being in a secret society.

Temples/Churches: Temples are usually hidden from the public. To gain entry, a person of a person of a person will generally know the location, but to gain the password for entry is the difficult part. Rumor has it that they are mostly built under cities for the sake of protection and influence from the outside world.