Dreams, Nightmares, and the Wind
Alias: The Dream Walker
Holy Symbol: Dream Catcher
Favored Weapon: Bow and Arrow

The bringer of dreams, he is the one that brings us our visions as we slumber. Traveling upon the silent wind, Supraltize takes a stance on people’s actions based on how he feels at the time.

Priests: Often visualized as dreams and scatterbrained mystics, priests of Supraltize are actually good leaders and listeners of a community. Often warmhearted and ready to help these priests are an asset to most.

Followers: Following suit to their leaders, most followers tend to keep an open mind and try to aid those in need. Kind and gracious, only a few seem to sit on the darker side of Supraltize’s ways.

Temples/Churches: Churches are often colorfully decorated and have high arching ceilings. They tend to be open at all hours of the day and have a free-flowing design that many find awe-inspiring.