Construction and Crafts
Alias: The Mother of Invention
Holy Symbol: Gear Cog over an Anvil
Favored Weapon: Hammer

Mother of Invention and bringer of great ideas; many believe Utilī is the reason technology is where it is today. She is also known as the Forgebringer, and every ring of a blacksmith’s hammer is a call to her. Followers of Utilī will argue to their grave that the fires of creation are brought on by her and not Relanegī.

Priests: Doubling often as master smiths of varying fields, priests tend to be very instructive to their flock and understanding; happy to teach the ways of Utilī to all that will listen.

Followers: Like the mages of Sonla, the craftsman of Utilī tend to be highly varied in their attitudes and views.

Temples/Churches: Most temples can be found outside of a forge and even outside of engineering schools. They are in public view, often built into the building – creating a nook area for the shrine – the public can pray at any time to the goddess that creates their path.