Life and Rebirth
Bringer of Life
Holy Symbol:
Favored Weapon: Staff

Ashton enjoys seeing the people of Xadune alive and moving. At times of an important birth, it is rumored that Ashton is present.

Priests: Almost always kind-hearted and cheerful, these priests seem to always look to the brighter side of life, even in the face of death. Ashton priests are only rivaled by priests of Armadel in being the most frequently visited priests.

Followers: It should go without saying that followers are pro life. Most keep in heart what the church teaches and that is to always look to the brighter side of things; even in death is rebirth.

Temples/Churches: Churches of Ashton are clean, tidy, and always inviting. They are one of the few churches open at all hours of day and night. Though they do not always have an answer, they are always hospitable.