Riot – Mischief and Storms

“The Lost One”

Mischief and Storms
The Lost One
Holy Symbol: A Black Spot
Favored Weapon: Spear

In love with playing with residents of Xadune, Riot is commonly known as the trickster and the one that loves to rain on your parade. It is rumored that of all the Powers, she is the most active in physically contacting mortals. She often enjoys most to charade as her other half and confuse all. When enraged or sad, though, she is known to bring the storm down.

Priests: Comical and often described as bi-polar, these priests are lively and helpful to others, though it will be in their own way. Most don’t realize they were ever helped at all, and that’s how they like it.

Followers: Luckily the followers normally drop far from the tree. These people are typically much calmer in manner and very passionate in all their beliefs.

Temples/Churches: Newcomers to these temples are often shocked; always combined with Riot’s other half their area is often wet from a storm that stays above (inside the temple) and adorned with knick-knacks of a pranking nature. They often collect their tithes by selling joke products, in house.