Greachen, formed during Fallen Star, is a fairly large island in the northern Espen Ocean with a ring of coastal mountains surrounding the low central plains. The island has lush vegetation.  The least arable land lies in the south-western and western areas. These areas are largely mountainous and rocky, with green panoramic vistas. The climate is a mild but changeable oceanic climate with few extremes and frequent rainfalls.


        The island chain was created in the tectonic upheavals of Fallen Star. It became inhabited in AFS 013 by the previously nomadic society, making it a very new nation. In AFS 038, Greachen launched an aggressive campaign against Kinsley which lasts nearly eight years, and subsequently became known as the Eight Year Raids. The Kinsleyan people have not forgotten this.

The Greachen People

Greachen’s a land aspiring to be part of the civilized world; adopting the ways of Revrent and Kinsley, this monarchial society is trying to usher in the new age of science while still embracing the ancient arts of magic. Once a more savage and nomadic scavenger society, the old blood runs strong in the people.

Greachen lacks a strong public education program and many Greachens are illiterate. However, within their few larger cities they do hold some good universities which specialize in both magic and science. Greachen is very strong rooted in oral tradition and the old ways and are one of the few surviving civilizations to do so.

As a culture, Greachens prefer to die in battle and will almost never give up or surrender.  A very proud people, centuries of war have given them a reputation of being very forceful and physical.  Additionally, the Greachen people are very religious from a young age and through adulthood.

Greachen has held a number of raids on the country of Kanada, and as such, tensions are high between the two cultures.


Greachen is a sea-faring nation, and as such they boast a powerful sea navy.  Over the years, they added a small sky fleet to their ranks, but their sea navy is still their primary strength. One of the best naval fleets Xadune has seen belongs to Greachen; though its land army is no laughing matter either.


Their sciences are often acquired more than made, though they have been making good progress the past decade due to their rather good set of universities. They do have a small Sky Fleet, but possess a very powerful sea navy. Something to mention in the area of technology is that a Greachen naval ship is by far the best made in the world.


Greachen’s laws are much like the rest of the world’s, and somewhat modeled off of the Revrent system. Though, some will find their rules to often not be so forgiving. As with most nations, they do not favor the outsider.