A curious island in the Aturin sea, XA0024 is not only home to a diverse population but it is the only place in the entire world that is not planar-locked. Perhaps even more fascinating, the Island has portals to seemingly everywhere in the world—and some not on the world.  The stable portals have been mostly mapped, but he Island seems to create randomly opening portals as well.  It is a place where any archway could take you to a new land—and you may not always find your way back.  Most portals which worked on an inner-world level to a major Treaty group were tagged. Though new ones were still being discovered, all the major ones seemed to have been recorded. Only pure accident would lead one through a new unmarked inner-world portal via XA0024.


The Island is just as such, and is covered completely in a cityscape.  It is divided into 6 Wards, each with its own distinct government. The covers 26 square miles, roughly.


On February 24th of AFS 127 the merchant vessel Arjus recorded the sighting of an unknown landmass in the Aturin Ocean while in route to South Revrent.

This sighting was then confirmed by the RRAS Alexandria on the 29th of February of the same year. It was confirmed that the island was a new landmass which was fully covered in ruins. The Island was labeled XA0024. Within a week, almost every Nation of Xadune had gotten word about island and the city on it. After a global meeting with almost every major nation, faction, and group of Xadune it was declared that the Island is a neutral ground which was to be acknowledged be all groups present and be studied equally by any and all that were a part of the treaty signed that day. Over 57 parties are on the Peace Treaty of XA0024. The Treaty consists of all 15 major nations, the 26 churches, 7 merchant houses, 5 scientific factions separate from the nations, 3 guild groups, and the sky pirate Sylvia Angel who claimed to represent all pirates of Xadune.

Within days of the signing, almost every group was represented on the XA0024. It was discovered the Island is completely unique in that it is home to an infinite number of doorways, or portals, to nearly everywhere—even places not on Xadune. For the next year, XA0024 was studied extensively. Though most of the populous of XA0024 was purely government and faction followers, it did not stop the immigration of the curious populous and explorers.

Then catastrophe hit. On October 31st of AFS 128 all communication and contact with XA0024 was lost. Each major organization that was capable formed a large joint investigation into the incident. It became was clear that every living soul in on the Island disappeared, never to be heard from again. To this day, it is still unknown what occurred, or where the people went.  This is the first incident which lead to the day of October 31st to be known as “Grim’s Delight”.

Nothing was ever released to the public and all access to the Island was denied and strictly enforced.  Patrolling all the portals all the time was impossible which gave root to many stories about groups of people sneaking in.

It was announced that on May 3rd of AFS 129 that all treaty members would be allowed back onto the Island after a meeting which was to be held on the 28th of May.  Afterwards, the Island was broken into 6 Wards, and new governments began to form.

The People of XA0024

Between travelers, curious explorers, random portallers, and diplomatic entities, the City is perhaps the most diverse place in the entire world.  For the most part, travel and commerce between Wards is free and open, but there are distinct classes represented in each Ward, with Ward 1 being the most upper-class, and Ward 5 being the lowest class.


XA0024 is home to many scientific factions and guilds, including Transcended Science; Intuitive Medicine; the Faction of Gilded Gnomes; the Faction of Archeological Research and Development; and Tanners, Smiths, and Gears.  Some of the best scientific research comes from the City, due to the plethora of people and resources available.


        There is no set military in the City.  However, many invasions have been fought off by the various Adventurer groups of the Island, each hailing from one of the Wards.


        Each of the Ward Governments have their own set of laws, each of which follow the basic template of World Law.  Enforcement is different per ward, but each ward has a local Mercy Bringer, who can be the judge, jury, and executioner. There may be local law enforcement below the Mercy Bringer, who deals with more misdemeanor crimes.