Where fantasy meets the power of steam….

Xadune is a Live Action Role Play (LARP) game centralized in Atlanta, Georgia.

A city that links the world to countless locations, a nation battling between the new found powers of steam and the ancient art of magic, a wealth of fables races caught in-between, and at the core of the situation is a question shrouded in mystery.

The setting is Victorian Gaslamp, with fantasy and science fiction elements.

A LARP like no other with endless possibilities.

Getting Started

What is Xadune?

Xadune (pronounced: ‘eks-ā-dün) is a live action role-playing game with events which typically span a weekend. The setting centers around a mysterious island city on the planet of Xadune, which is in an era most closely related to the real world’s Victorian period. Rich with culture and history, Xadune offers an “open source” combat system — meaning that pretty much any weapon and armor is fair game to use for any character; basically, if you can pick it up, you can swing it or use it. Most Skills in Xadune reflect either knowledge or special skills with which you can build your character. Furthermore, Xadune offers a religion facet to game play. Much like the Greek mythology, deities look over and often meddle with the people of Xadune. The core mechanics offers up a classless system, in which players start off with the option of growing their characters however they see fit instead of being tied down to a template.

Something more fresh to the world of LARPing is the idea of a story that takes place in a Steam Age. Though fantasy and magic are still prevalent in the game, the new-found science is making its impression fast and strong. With this innovative knowledge, also come firearms. Though still in their infancy stage of life, firearms are a powerful tool to any person.

At its heart, Xadune offers a living, breathing, game world in which you as a player enter into it as a character and interact with other players’ characters in a real time ongoing story. Decisions made can affect you, other players, or even tremble the foundations of society. You can be a lone wolf, or adventure with a group of friends.

How do I start playing Xadune?

The first thing would be to make an account on the Xadune Forums. The forums are official mode of communication between the game and players. It also hosts all our in-between event role play.  If you are looking for an official answer, the ONLY place to get it is the forums.

Next, decide how you want to start experiencing the game.  Are you new to LARPing? Are you unsure if you want to invest in a kit and character before getting to know the LARP?  Do you want to earn some extra XP for a character concept before you start playing? Full-Time Monstering might be the way to go.

When you Monster full-time, you will work with Staff, Plot, and Storyteam and play the ‘bad guys’, whether it be rats in a basement or invading elves.  You will be asked to wear neutral/black clothing and be given boffer weapons to fight with.  It is a great way to experience the game without a commitment–and its only $15 for a bed.  This gives you the opportunity to earn 3 XP towards a new character.

If you are ready to jump right into a character and start playing, check out the Character Creation page.  This will walk you through creating a new character, which you can then submit for approval.  Your first event is $35 if you pre-register, $40 at the door.

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What do I need to start playing?

In addition to you being physically active, having an idea for a character, a burning desire to have fun, and reading the Player’s Handbook, you will also need a costume or outfit. It might be odd at first to list this as the first thing you will need, but immersion through visually fitting in to the game is a key ingredient to having a good time. A first-class, well thought out, and fun adventuring outfit is something you will have on the entire time you play. For best results, aim for something that would fit into the Victorian era. Different cultures of Xadune have different fashions, yes; but you can never go wrong with a good outfit inspired by that time period.

Once you have an outfit you will need to sort out some type of weapon. Your first weapon might not be the prettiest thing, or it might be a well crafted LARP approved one, but it will save your life more than a few times just within the first night you play. Instructions on making your own Xadune safe weapon can be found in the appendix of the Player’s Handbook; but you can also purchase pre-approved hand crafted and factory made weapons from a various assortment of vendors.

Lastly you should have the understanding that you need to be active and involve yourself with the game to achieve a complete experience. The setting will be provided and opportunities will be plentiful, you just have to make sure you don’t let them pass by. It is the player’s responsibility to seek out adventure and solve the mysteries. Expecting action and excitement to come to you might leave you inactive for a long time, and turning down adventure opportunities is experience missed. Remember, while Staff and Storyteam will try to gratify all players’ personal wants and adventuring preferences, there are still numerous other players at game that anticipate the same and the game will not be able to provide specialized stories for everyone every event.

How do I play the game?

At each event you take on the role of your character and act out what you do. In time, or for some rather quickly, acting out your character will become second nature. You will role-play with other players’ characters and non-player characters as stories unfold. As you interact as your character, Staff, Storyteam, and Plot will be introducing stories, adventures, and characters for players to go on or intermingle with. These interactions are the backbone of the game and typically how you progress your character and gain experience. With experience you can purchase skills and abilities for your character which will be used to support you. While on these adventures your character might be faced with combat, puzzles, and death defying danger. You, as a player, will have to actually fight in these combats or talk your way out of them. You will have to solve the puzzles, or figure out a way around them. You will even find yourself getting luckier than you ever imagined when you make out of a situation you were positive would end badly. In the end you will gain experience, make money, gain knowledge, and make contacts. All these things  are used to advance your character.

How much does it cost to play?

Full-Time Monster: $15 for a bed; 3 XP earned.
First Event Player: $35 Pre-Registration, $40 at the door.
3-Day Event: $40 Pre-Registration, $45 at the door.

All ticket prices include parking.  Ticket prices do not include food.

Tickets are non-refundable and non-transferable.  Tickets can be revoked at any time.


What if I have questions?

Check out our Frequently Asked Questions , or shoot us a message at the Contact Us page!


Next Event:


3 Day Event: December 14th – 16th
Camp MacIntoch, Indian Springs State Park, Flovilla, GA


3-Day Event: January 11th – 13th
Camp MacIntoch, Indian Springs State Park, Flovilla, GA

3-Day Event: February 15th – 17th
Camp MacIntoch, Indian Springs State Park, Flovilla, GA

3 Day Event: March 22nd – 24th
Camp Daniel Morgan, Hard Labor Creek State Park, Rutledge, GA


3 Day Event: April 19th – 21st
Camp Daniel Morgan, Hard Labor Creek State Park, Rutledge, GA


What does it cost to play?
Normal Event fee (3-day) $40 if you Preregister*; $45 at the door
Half Event fee (after 4pm Saturday) $35
First Time Player fee (3-day event) $35 if you Preregister; $40 at the door
1-day Event/Module $25
Overnight 1-day Event/Module $30
Full 3-day Volunteer, with bed $15, can earn up to 3xp

Pre-Registration fees are subject to a 4% convenience fee.
Pre-Registration closes the Sunday prior to the event at 11:59PM.
All sales are final.  Event Fees are non-refundable and non-transferable. Tickets are a revocable license and is subject to revocation in accordance with the Game Policies.