Food can be purchased from the Tavern during the event.  Late-Night and Lunch run as long as there are volunteers in the Tavern. Breakfast is served between 9am and 12pm.  Dinner is served around 9pm and is the one sit-down meal, where everyone eats together.  Breakfast, lunch, and late-night is otherwise served on demand.

You may open a tavern tab by putting money towards it at the beginning of the event. If you exhaust your tab during the event, you will no longer be able to purchase food unless you pay as you go in cash. Alternatively by setting up a billing agreement can can go into the negative while at the event. Positive tabs are to be settled at the end of the event, or can be carried over to future events. Negative tabs not settled after two events will be charged automatically with a 4% convenience fee applied. Additionally, you can pay as you go with cash throughout the event. You can pre-pay your tab via the PayPal link below. Please note this is subject to a 4% convenience fee.

Below is the basic menu and prices.  All menu items are subject to availability.

If you have any food allergies or dietary restrictions, please contact the Xadune Staff prior to the event.  We are happy to accommodate.


Eggs (2 count) $1
Bacon $3.75
Sausage $3.75
Toast $1
Hashbrowns $1.50
Pancakes $1.50
Bacon, Egg, and Cheese Sandwich $5
Egg and Cheese Sandwich $2.50
Additional Cheese $0.50
Coffee $0.50
Soda $0.75


Catadia $3.50
Chicken Sandwich $3.75
Ham Sandwich $3.75
Roast Beef Sandwich $4.00
Turkey Sandwich $3.50
Grilled Cheese $3.25
Hot Dog $1.50
Soda $0.75

All sandwiches come with chips and a pickle.

Brisket $9
Chicken $7.50
Ham $7.50
Mussels $9
Pork $8.50
Salmon $9
Tilapia $9
Veggie $7
Soda $0.75

Dinner is served with a choice of sides, bread, and a salad.