The Kingdom of Revrent


The Jewel of Jarr and leading nation of Xadune for thousands of years, Revrent is the ideal Kingdom. Often called the renaissance nation and heralded some of the oldest standing structures in the world.


Revrent is made primarily of the Capital City of Revrent, and the four border cities (North, South, East, & West Revrent). Within the walls of Revrent is mainly rolling hills with spots of forest no larger than a few acres. The coastline nicely meets the ocean and most of the beaches share the coloration of a lovely, off-white sand. The most notable landmark within the nation is the dormant volcano in which the Capital is built on and around, Mt. Raven. Standing at nearly 6,000 feet it is the tallest point on the continent.

The climate of Revrent is mostly temperate.  It can get as warm as 95°F in the summer months and can freeze in the winter months, although they don’t often see much snow outside of Mt. Raven.


The history of Revrent is long and well documented; there is no reason to continue a large documentation here.  Fallen Star did not affect Revrent as it did the rest of Jarr; they simply kept on.

Revrent went to war with the Nation of Barboroy in AFS 077, beginning the War of 080.  This was ended in 080 with the Treaty of Barboroy.

The People of Revrent

Revrent law dictates a mandatory 2-year military service for all its citizens.  As such, its citizens are readily able to defend themselves.

The nation’s language is Common, but most citizens also know one other language. All of Revrent enjoys a fairly adequate schooling system giving the nation a literacy level of about 95%, and most citizens are well versed in common mathematics, simple science, the history of magic, national history, and world history. Even the people that do not live in one of the five main cities enjoy these skills and teachings of life.  With all of this advancement in civilization comes a sacrifice: most of the Revrent people have never had to fare in a forested environment.

The Revrent people have a high level of nationalism and feel very strongly that their country is the greatest in the world.  While they are not currently at war with any country, many still remember the War of 080 with Barboroy and there are slight tensions between the two countries.  They are long known allies of Kanada and often aid New Zeal without hesitation.


Fashion of Revrent

The current fashion of Revrent has military influences, probably due to the mandatory military service.

Revrent women wear long bustled skirts and blouses or long bustled dresses, although wearing men’s pants is not unheard of.  Women often wear corsets under or above their base wear, both as a fashion statement and to give themselves a small natural waistline.  Hats are popular, particularly the top hat, but are not necessary.

Revrent men wear slim-fitted, un-pleated pants and fitted button-down shirts, broken at the natural waistline above the belly button. The waistcoat, or vest, is a popular accessory, but is not necessary.  Often, men will wear a military-style jacked or coat, and many display their ranks from when they were in the military.  Tailed coats are also popular, particularly in the upper class.


Revrent has a large standing army, a well-trained navy, one of the largest sky fleets, and, until recently, was among the best in magical research.

All citizens must serve a mandatory 2-year military term.  Many choose to stay longer and develop their career in the military, and as such, Revrent has a very powerful force.  Their army is known and battle proven. Though they still have a strong standing infantry, their musketeers are very formidable. Additionally, there are the Revrent Ravens: an elite force of skilled pilots. Revrent also has one of the largest mixed Sky Fleets, including normal and magical vessels. Though their normal air ships are not up to par with Barboroy, their magical ships surpass them in many ways.


Revrent is fairly advanced in their technologies.  While they have made great strides in military technologies, there are fewer advancements in consumer technologies.

Revrent is still traditional and new. They have a large sky fleet including normal and magical vessels. Though their normal air ships are not up to par with Barboroy, their magical ships surpass them in many ways.

New to the table in Revrent now is the power and science of steam. Inventions in thermal technology, electricity, and basic hydraulics are starting a path towards a new found age.


The laws of Revrent are the common for the world. Most felonies, such as murder and rape, are dealt with swiftly with capital punishment. Most people are expected to be responsible for themselves by age 7. It is at age 7 that one can be charged with a felony. By age 9 you are eligible for receiving the death penalty, and age 10 allows you to be put up for transportation (moved from the country into an offsite correctional facility). Smaller crimes are punishable by time served, public example, or simply a fine. Repeat offenders, though, often have their crimes wracked together which places them as a felony offender on their third repeat. Additionally, prostitution is legal in Revrent and is regulated by the government.