Nelot Kackertoe

Not a nation nor a region, the Nelots are the wandering people of Pha. Their name means “to never settle”.  They do not call one place their home, or rather, they call many places their home; the Nelots travel over the Nigean Mountains, through Darken Wood, across the Swamps, through Shaerorer Thysaer, or wherever else they would like.  In fact, if a Nelot stays in one place too long, he will become ill.

Records of them can be found as far back as anyone on Pha can find. They are known to be distant and often not trusted amongst city dwellers. They are the few and only people that seem to be able to cross through Darken Woods and the Nigean Mountains seemingly with no consequences. Like their Jarr cousins, they are rumored to be well versed in both astrological arts and are amongst the best survivors on Xadune.

Nelots acknowledge all the Gods, but you will not find one that worships Trom, Ashton, Filter, or Neltēveye.  Moreover, you will not find one that studies the arcane arts of Alteration, Warding, Elements, or Necromancy.

These are sober people, passive if stubborn.  Rare is it that a Nelot will just up and do something someone else recommends.  They appear to be effected by the full moon; they become unfocused and their wanderlust strengthens.