Shaerorer Thysaer

Like Darken Wood, Shaerorer Thysaer is a free land. There is no law other than that of the land. Customs vary from tribe to clan. What you come across is what you find. Often some carry with them science they have gained from elsewhere, but there is no real source of it here


Shaerorer Thysaer is a large forest. It is not as dense or dangerous as Darken Wood, but it is still very formidable.


The once beautiful and flourishing nation of the Elven race is known as Shaerorer Thysaer. At one point in time it was the place to be. The elves were a beautiful and elegant race and their beloved forest reflected that. Their cities were full of flowers, and they used everything nature offered. That time has long passed, and the nation of elves is in shambles and lost. When one walks through this area now, they see hints of lights in the enormous trees that make up the Thysaer Forest. It is very rare to see an elf when traveling through these lands, and those who do either do not remember or remember it at the tip of a sword. The once beautiful forest is now dull woodland overrun with thugs and bandits and a dying race in hiding. This is now the home to many races as the lands are generally free of rule.

Currently, the invading Elves, the Vichese, are residing in this forest.  They took the forest shortly after the 136 Invasion and have been pushing out ever since.