Air Elemani

Probably the least seen of the Elemani, they are often referred to as Watchers. Most can know one for a lifetime and never hear them speak. They are the recorders of the Elemani race, picking up this duty long, long ago and carrying it out to this date, and they are the protectors of secrets. These Watchers of the Elemani are often loners in the world and flock around others, watching over them as if their life was their own. Often the Air Elemani are turned to as prophets or analyzers of situations.

Air Elemani have pale blue or white skin and pointed ears.  They prefer to wear flowing and loose clothing.  They have the ability to rarely phase far enough into the Twilight they become Ethereal, and can transmit messages across long distances.

Average Life Span: ~300
Average Number of Offspring: 0
Maximum Number of Offspring: 1

Air Elemani History and Cultures

Much like the Elves, Air Elemani do not have a history or a culture.  In fact, they are often ostracized from the culture they are born into.