Of all the races of Xadune, the Halflings are the most laid back. Always enjoying the finer and calmer things in life, their curiosity is the only thing that seems to get the best of them. Always quick with a story and fast to befriend others, everyone enjoys the company of these wee folk.  On top of their knack for arts and crafts, Halflings are extremely adept at all things sneaky and are often fearless and curious when faced with something more powerful than themselves. They have a natural resistance to all types of disease.

Those of Halfling decent tend to have fur on the tops of their hands and feet, but otherwise look much akin to a small human. Their heights range between 3’4″ – 4’6″ on average, with males being taller than females.  They are not as strong as human counterparts, due to their small stature.

Average Life Span: ~135
Average Number of Offspring: 2
Maximum Number of Offspring: 3

Halfling Culture

As heard everywhere, Halflings are the most laid back race on Xadune. They have no known kingdom on Xadune, however, they count the forests of Sharorer Thysaer as their homeland. Through time, the Halflings have not necessarily ‘divided’ themselves, but more assigned labels to two different kinds of Halflings.

 The Woodhaven Folk– These Halflings spend most of their life in the Halfling Villages, or Woodhaven, of Shaerorer Thysaer. They enjoy cook outs, Sticky Buns, the Halfling’s favorite dessert, and the company of the other Woodhaven Folk neighbors. Masters of cooking and art, it is rare to hear of a better cook than a Halfling. Their hospitality is the best seen on Xadune as all who have ever had the pleasure of visiting a village will testify. They love to have a worry-free life and are the most laid-back, generous, kindhearted beings one will ever meet. They do prefer to stay in their “safe zone”, however; it is not unheard of for a Woodhaven Folk to take on the life of a Fur Foot Adventurer.   All of the Woodhaven Folk hold something dear to them they will fight to the death for–whether it is their friends, peace, the outcomes of their craft, or what have you.


The Fur Foot Adventurer– Born to see the world, these Halflings never stay in one place for too long. They are story writers; the tales that are heard by the Woodhaven folk more than 80% of the time are written by a Fur Foot.  In fact, these Halflings will chronical their daily happenings in a journal for stories to tell around the world. From one pub to the next, you are bound to see a Halfling enjoying his/her life writing stories and making the most of the “Xadune Experience.” The Fur Foot Adventurers can be up to no good thanks to their curiosity, which can get them in trouble if they find something they want to investigate which isn’t particularly up for grabs.

The Fur Foots do not engage in direct combat and prefer to learn more rogue type skills.  Additionally, Fur Foots tend to not have the attention span to study the arcane arts. But most importantly, these Halflings carry all of their belongings on them at all times and can become very upset if they lose their things.

Population Distribution

The Halfling homeland is in Shaerorer Thysaer, but the Fur Foot Adventurers travel far and wide.  It is not uncommon to see a Halfling, but it may be uncommon to see one settled down.