The majority race on Xadune, they have become the cornerstone of the races; a natural medium amongst them all. They are the fastest to develop and the quickest to grow.  Humans have a knack for learning, and as such they become more skilled in all they do.  They seem to be able to easily learn languages they are exposed to.

Average Life Span: 60 Years
Average Number of Children: 2-3
Maximum Number of Children: 13

Human History

Human history is typically the history of any region.  Humans define the history of the area, as they are the majority race.

Human Cultures

Due to being the majority in every country save a select few, there isn’t a unifying ‘human culture’ as there are with other races.  Humans define the culture in the region they are in.  For examples of these cultures, please see the section on the countries of Xadune.