The Lizardfolk are a patriarchal society usually putting the strongest and fiercest warriors in charge, with the most adept shamans as counselors. The Lizardfolk societies on Xadune are natural and shamanistic. They take from the land only what they require so that the land may replenish itself. They seldom go to war with any except amongst themselves, and if they do, it is due to survival or defense.

However, the Lizardfolk are broken into three distinct communities based on their religion.  The intensity of their beliefs mixed with their violent nature means they are constantly at odds with the opposing factions.

Their heights range between 5’4″ – 6’3″ on average, weighing 200-300 pounds, with males being taller than females. Occasionally, a giant or runt will be born; pygmy or gargantuan Lizardfolk are not uncommon. They have a natural resistance to most toxin and sleep effects. Lizardfolk are cold-blooded by nature, and in cold temperatures will enter a unconscious hibernation. Uniquely, these people also have very thick, rough scales which cover their entire bodies.

Average Life Span: ~250
Average Number of Offspring: 2
Maximum Number of Offspring: 6

Lizdardfolk History

In AFS 037, a civil war broke out between the Lizardfolk which nearly wiped out the Awakened.

Lizard Folk Cultures

Deep in the murky swamplands of Shirri’saan’isssi a conflict as old as the planet lurks. The Lizard folk are broken up into several tribes: The Awakened, Shin’shi, and the Ais’pa. Not much is known about them outside the waters of their swamp. The Lizard Folk have been attempting to convert each other seemingly since the dawn of time. This has led to many great battles and wars throughout the ages. Much of the time however, the tribes remain at neutrality, with little or no issues arising. They care for the land they live in greatly, and only utilize that which is required.

Shin’shi– The followers of Riot: Mischief and Storms. This is the disorganized chaos of the lizard folk. The culture follows a tribal-leader, but no tribal leader seems to remain in power for more than a decade. Only the strongest or craftiest get the position, through underhanded means. These lizard-folk believe that this is the true incarnation of Riot. They are the storm dancers or the rogues, thugs, or mercenaries. Much of this culture spends more time watching their own backs than those of their enemies.  Due to the chaotic nature, these people have difficulty understanding social skills.

Ais’pa– The followers of Riot: Magic and Fate. These Lizard Folk dedicate much of their lives to the worship of Riot through rituals and magic. They are organized under the tribal leader who is also their head prophet and seer. They believe that this incarnation of Riot is the true Riot, and moreover, there are no gods worthy of worship outside of Riot. These lizard-folk treat magic use and divination as religious and a form of worship. Because of this, Ais’pa are very sure of themselves in critical situations; their fate has already been decided. Their penchant for magic has made it very difficult for them to comprehend engineering as a study.

Awakened– The followers of the unified Riot. The most peaceful of the lizard folk, this tribe has developed a greater understanding of Riot and have unified the differing beliefs. The priests in this culture have found that Riot follows seasons and stages of development, flowing from one to the other. This culture is rich with antiquity and looks down upon the two others for their ways. Possessing of great posterity, the Awakened suffer persecution from the Ais’pa and Shin’shi, and have therefore developed many faithful paladins and clerics to defend their beliefs.