Though not a requirement for a character to exist, it is a common element in the world; religion is a long understood and followed thing on Xadune. And for good reason: the Gods (or Powers) have been known to become active participants in the everyday life of the residents of the planet.  It’s not hard for a follower to listen to a sermon about the “just hand” of
so-and-so and believe it. Most people have a few favored Powers, while a select few have chosen to be a devout follower of just one.

The Powers are divided into three separate groups:

The Seven Greaters who are known as the most powerful and influential Powers.

The Five Sisters who are noted for having family ties and dealing with the more terrestrial issues.

The Lesser Powers who are normally less involved with the day-to-day lives of others, but are still very influential.

Do not let the title of the last group fool you; they are just as powerful as the more interfering brethren. Most people know of the Powers and a large amount follow one or a few. A select few are servants of them; these priests, or priestesses, are known followers that are dedicated to a Power. Because of this they have been known to be granted powers by the Power to assist them in life and in spreading their faith to others. These select few only benefit from this relationship through proven deeds and signs of dedication to a Power.