Undead, Rot, & Decay
Holy Symbol: A Skull with Curled Spine
Favored Weapon: Scalpel

Reyka is a very, very new Power whose presence has only been felt for a few months, but she is worth noting.  A small following has sprouted on the Island and their Miracles are worthy of a place in the Pantheon.  According to her followers, Reyka has been known as fickle, a temper that could flare for the strangest of reasons yet the ability to take her time with her work. She is a Power they pray they will only meet after death, for meeting her while you still live is an end that no one would wish upon their worst enemies. Her priests and followers often follow battles, living among the dead and dying without fear of what it brings due to their great respect and understanding of her. Her followers understand by following her they also agree to be hers in every sense. Some, whom she feels are just too stupid to do diligent work find themselves in the unfortunate position as a toy.

Priests and Followers: Understand and know the very extensive processes needed to properly work on a body to prepare it for death. They also know how to hide secrets and disease to fester within a body. The sight of the disfigured and dying does not phase them; in fact, they relish in it. They know the steps to take to avoid the spur of diseases. They may feign to help those who have once wronged them to leave them with a ticking time bomb of a disease. They tend to be patient when it comes to doing what they need to do. Either this is revenge or to help, you may not know until several days after. They can look at you with a smile as they plant the seeds of decay into your home.

Temples: The fledgling temple on the Island is dark, with a large flowerbed surrounding the perimeter. They work with basic tools and often feel their work is more than just preparing the dead, it’s a work of art. The temple is surprisingly clean and bare, containing only the tools of their trade. There are chairs for those who wish to come and pray and pay offerings.