The Seven Greater Powers

“In the beginning, there was the world and there was mankind. With no sense of direction and no morals or ethical calling, mankind roamed the planet in chaos. Searching for an answer, seven random people from across the globe were crucified. They were taken to the highest mountain peak and raised to the sky as a sacrifice to a nonexistent deity. Hoping for an answer to their unknown existence, mankind waited. For forty-five days the seven hung from their death beds. On the forty-sixth day the seven were gone. Some ran in fear, others cried in happiness. Five days later the seven reappeared one by one. Each was clothed in rich flowing garments and holding an undeniable charisma. All showed frightening powers and each held different affiliates.”

~A common telling of the coming of the Greater Seven


The Greater Powers are known as the most involved in Xadunian life.  They are: Armadel, Ashton, Echpen, Goddamas, Latensee, Riot/Riot, and Trom. The generic symbol for the Greater Powers is a Seven-Pointed Star.