Death and Loss
Lady Death
Holy Symbol: Ripped X
Favored Weapon: Scythe

Armadel plays her role only when needed. She cares less for the feelings or thoughts of others than about her workings. Her avatar is often portrayed as a beautiful pale skinned female dressed lightly in flowing reds or blacks. People both fear and love her. She is always calm and normally shows no emotion in her voice, speaking slow and being very articulate.

Priests: These commonly monotone and stoic Priests are often feared for their followings, but wise people know they are there only to help those around them in times of need.

Followers: Followers are normally not as dark as their priests but tend to still be somber. They have a heavy belief that death is the inevitable true end to life and that nothing else matters.

Temples/Churches: Churches are often cold and of a spartan interior. They are almost always busy and visited as death is one constant that everyone shares, and they are often visited by mourners.