War and Madness
God of War
Holy Symbol: Crossed Ax & Sword
Favored Weapon: Ax & Sword

Conflict and battles are the joy of this Power. It is said Armadel is joyous to watch this man work, while Ashton only weeps. Goddamas, God of War, enjoys most of all to see people insane from war or over abuse of power. He is always the patron Power of war and is known to usher in madness, often seen as the reason wars are started.

Priests: In times of war, battle, or physical conflict, a priest of Goddamas is normally always at hand. They are sometimes known to be traveling priests that normally bring with them a wave of crazed battle.

Followers: Followers have a wide range of personalities from madmen to battle hardened soldiers. At one point or another, almost every warrior or solider has made a prayer to Goddamas.

Temples/Churches: Most temples are fairly large, but they are sparsely spaced with some areas only having one temple per region (sometimes even country). These grounds are often full of generals either paying homage or making plans.