Riot – Fate and Magic

Magic and Fate
The Divine Arcane
Holy Symbol: Nine-Pointed Star
Favored Weapon: Magic

The much, much more serious half of the two sides of Riot, there has never been a recorded account of when she has ever contacted a follower, other than granting the people the gift of magic. It is said she often works hard on the loom of fate, making sure everything is in its place.

Priests: These much more down to earth Priests are calm spoken though sometime cryptic in their responses. They try to be the polar opposite of the family and often present themselves in well-trimmed modern fashion.

Followers: Followers are your typical down to earth people. Though they do often let some opportunities pass them by, some would say they believe all happens for a reason.

Temples/Churches: When not being distracted by the insane nature of the adjoined temple, this half is often neatly kept and furnished to be comfortable. Though high moisture content of the temple might make one assume the whole temple will be humid, it is never the case.

Many of the Greater Powers found Riot as a deity that couldn’t handle her power and responsibilities; thus they split her in two. Both look and act very similar, and are in many ways the same entity.